October edits

It's that time of the
month again:
Here are my October closet edits.

One of the things I hate the most is going back
to an item that I have not worn for a while and falling back in love with it again, only discover that it has begun to fall apart.
It's like running into a friend that you love and had 
not seen for a while and then telling them to go to hell.
This is the story of my black Breckelle's peep toes:

Then there are those like the ones below which were purchased
in Berlin a couple of vacations ago, that you just simply get tired of:

Then there are those items just shouting out "retirement":
My beloved Qupid animal print wedges.
They have been repaired so many times.
They have been around for about 4 years, but it's time to retire them.

Finally, a couple of tops:

White Da Moda tank top and white Da Moda ample collar shirt.
The tank is not that white anymore plus it has stains. 
The button down shirt has been worn maybe twice in +2 years
and it just doesn't feel right. 
Last time I wore it, 
I tried it on with at least 8 different garments and nothing worked.

The Fariani top on the left, it was a gift and I only wore it twice in about 3 years.
Also my long green Younique button down is my only garment in this color
which is why I think I have kept it in my closet for so long.
I've had it for at least 4 years but don't wear it often and I have 
never really loved it - so I find no good reason to keep it.

As I continue to purge my closet I find it's a problem for me to let go. 
Why is it so difficult ?


Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I love these posts. It is always fun to see what people are editing out of their closets. I agree that it sucks when you find a long forgotten item in your closet, only to discover it is falling apart. Boo!


La Mary said...

Nena, cuando vengas a espaƱa te hago de personal shopper de low cost, vale??? jajajjaa.
Un besote muy grande, feliz lunes!

Kristen said...

I absolutely love seeing what you edit. You've inspired me to do some editing of my own. At last!