Wednesday... Sao Paulo

Quick post... once again I apologize !
Ran out this morning to catch a plane to take me to my new destination: Sao Paulo in Brazil. When I got here I had to sit 2 hours in traffic before I got to my hotel in Avenida Paulista, dropped my bag, changed and ran out the door to my meeting.
Things are still a little iffy, emails keep on coming in, stuff to do, what gives - so I did not have time to get a "me" pic, so here's a post to show you another one of my findings at the San Telmo Market in Buenos Aires.
Textile necklace ! This necklace has such an impact, this morning while on the plane the Uruguayan gentleman who sat beside me (Mr Ramos) who reminded me of my grandfather, complimented me on it ! 
How's that ?! 
Hopefully I will have something else to feature tomorrow.

Buenos Aires... one of my purchases!

Sorry no Every day Wear Post today !

Happens I am crazy busy. So busy I may go insane. 
My boss is emailing me every second, things are not going the way they are supposed to... so you can only begin to imagine the little piece of hell I am in.
To top this off tomorrow I leave Buenos Aires and continue on to Brasil.

Decided to do a tiny post on one of my purchases on San Telmo this Sunday.

One of the interesting things in San Telmo as in other markets here is that local unknown designers show up everywhere. 

They will be on the streets, sidewalks- on their own or they will get together and showcase their designs all under one roof, no brand.

They have magnificent textile jewelry which I will take pictures of and post later.

Here's three flower leather rings - they are not all for me, I picked up some as gifts for friends :o)

Monday: Working In Buenos Aires

This very pleasant morning I had a training to conduct.  So I grabbed a cab to meet my 70+ group !
Wow, this was a huge group ! The downside is that it it really difficult to maintain the interest when the group is so big, plus of course you kind of miss out on the person to person connection. Nevertheless, gotta get the job done !
To get that job done I wore:
- Grey and black Democracy dress
- Black and grey tights
- Black leather pumps from Bata
- Metallic headband

After downloading the pictures I realized that this dress is kinda short....  of course it was kinda late because I downloaded the pictures and did the post AFTER I came back from the training.

New Segment WTF: A Special Thanks to Holiday Inn

Dear Mr. Holiday Inn,

Thank you for the nice bow made out of toilet paper, which was so nicely placed on top of the toilet paper dispenser. It made my stay in the toilet of Plaza Dali Holiday Inn in Mexico, D.F. very pleasant.

Now, for real... WTF where they thinking ?  What are you thinking ? Yeah ! I know... you are enlarging the picture so you can DIY at home !

Spending Sunday in San Telmo

My day was spent between Florida street and San Telmo.
I was sooo excited to see my dear friend Mafalda .
She's a cartoon friend, my "smart" cartoon friend. Mafalda hates soup, she cares about politics and worries about mother earth.

I really can´t tell you how happy I was to meet her and sit by her.

There was music everywhere, hand made EVERYTHING and ANYTHING... 
Antiques, vintage, custom made stuff, local designers, no name brands, unique items, tons of textile jewelry ...  a true paradise.

I picked up a lot of stuff. I will do a post on that so you can get a glimpse of the magnificent things the artisans in this country make !

Walking in Puerto Madero

More from Buenos Aires... 

A great gnocci lunch

Followed by a nice long walk in Puerto Madero...

On another note I have been pigging out (OINK !) since I started these trips.
I eat all meals, I eat all desserts, I eat in between, I order room service, I'll pick up anything that looks good in the street and chomp right into it. I have to stop.

Saturday at Buenos Aires' Recoleta

Last night while arriving into Buenos Aires after a 3 hour flight delay... I had the worst flight e v e r.  I mean ever. I did not think we were going to make it. 
The plane never stopped shaking, tilting to the sides, it was awful. The girl next to me began to cry, everyone was just staring at each other. I just closed my eyes, tried to keep calm and prayed.
Happens that there was a storm with thunder and lightning that continued all night long. 
This allowed for today to be a gorgeous day. After the storm must come the sunshine, so they say.
To my walk in Recoleta I wore:
- Talbots jeans (it's the only pair I brought!)
- Light blue Happy Bunny t shirt (yes, again)
- Black sweater Rafaella brand
- Red patent flats Kenneth Cole Reaction

I had been to Recoleta before, but had not walked the area entirely. Today I got to see a little bit more of it.

I walked into the Recoleta Cementery which I did not plan going into. 
I am very critical of people walking into other people's houses' of worship or in this case, resting places as tourists and just snapping away with their cameras.

But, I just walked in, I said to myself I would just catch a "glimpse".

It was like a city.

I had a lot of mixed feelings.

This is a resting place for the wealthy.
Many of the tombs are over 100 years old.
The place was full of cats everywhere.

I walked in trying not to make any noise.

Began reading the names on the tombstones.
They were like little buildings, each with their own doors.
Some had tightly closed marble doors. Others had glass doors, some with the glass broken.
I peeked into the glass doors, to find wooden coffins.
Some were literally falling apart, others were covered by Argentina flags. There were baby sized caskets too. 

I did not take pictures of these, it was way too much for me.

I was very impressed and as I walked there was a moment I needed to get out of there to get some fresh air. It was endless, I kept on walking and there seemed no way out. It was like a labyrinth of tombs.

I found my way out minutes later. But, this visit got a me thinking.
Anyhow, as they say we all have the same destination, some arrive first.

Bye, Bye Uruguay

As I sit in the airport waiting for my flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina I will share with you some of the places I visited this lovely afternoon.
I have to say that Uruguay or actually Montevideo is the best kept secret EVER.
If people knew how incredibly beautiful this city is they would move in a blink, hell I wanna stay.
For anyone who knows me just a bit, you will know that I have very deep appreciation for anything old. 
Antique, vintage, elder people... it's all in that same group. There is something that sets these apart, the craftsmanship makes it unique specially now.
I love hand painted floor tiles...  these are from the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Knock, knock check out this door... this is the mailbox where the mail man would drop your letters...

Montevideo's buildings, streets, they are all part of it's heritage and identity, which is something I appreciate as where I live has lost it. 

OH ! and this is what I ate  during my walk around Ciudad Vieja... the biggest, reddest, yummiest strawberries ever !
(p.s. if you do not heat from me in a few days it may be that I got sick as I ate the whole bag without washing them)

I thought I would share these with you and ask... if you could chose any other place in the world to live, where would it be ?

Friday in Montevideo for Work

This is Pocitos beach, Montevideo Uruguay last night at 8 PM.... 8 PM !

Anyways last night I stayed up again answering emails, meaning that I did not get THAT much NEEDED rest.

As I run out the door today on my way to work I wore:

- Black pants Sigrid Olsen
- Black tank top
- Mustard satin blouse Odds and Evens brand
- Grey cardigan H&M
- Black flats
When I pack I often try on all outfits before putting them in the suitcase. This time I did not have time to do this.
So, when I got here and realized that I had put together 2 bows. 
The satin shirt has a satin belt which due to weather I decided to tie around my neck. Then I put on the grey cardigan and realized that it had something I had to tie up front and make another bow.. not . So I just wrapped the hanging fabric right back into the cardi. 

So IF I finish early today I MIGHT just get to see a glimpse of Montevideo as a tourist... let's see if I can !

¡ Buenos días Montevideo !

This beautiful morning, after only 4 hours of sleep I bring you the Pocitos beach view that can be seen from my hotel window.
I picked this hotel (Le Hermitage) as the one I go to did not have any rooms, I picked it because it was a 1940´s era building. To my sad surprise there is nothing left of the 1940´s here :(
Anyways I took really quick shots just now, I have to run downstairs as I have someone waiting for me to take me off to work!

So to my workday In Uruguay I wore:
- Black pants Charter Club brand
- Black turtleneck from Zara
- Beige jacket Sawary brand
- Black pumps from Bata

Ha! I just realized that I forgot to bring along 2 things: clear nail polish and perfume. Is there something you always forget when going on a trip ?

Traveled all day to get to Uruguay

Yes, it was hell of a long flight but, I made it safe and sound to Montevideo, Uruguay.

I have been here before, I think the weather is marvelous and that the architecture is simply amazing. No giant concrete monsters, I hate oversized buildings.
Today I wore on my looong flight:
-Talbots jeans
-Light blue Happy Bunny t shirt
-Purple velvet jacket George brand - from Walmart
-Black flat shoes 

I have a long time friendship with Hello Kitty, but Happy Bunny is also an acquaintance of mine. He is evil but funny, sometimes I am too. More funny, less evil I would say.
For example I went to the bathroom and said hello as I walked in to a rude lady who never replied.  Well, before walking out, while she was in the toilet I turned the lights off and ran out the door. 
See, I am that kind of evil. Happy Lorena evil.

Are you evil like me ?

Eyelet Dress - yet again !

I wish I had more to give... but, as I just finished unpacking I must pack again, leaving very little space for giving my outfits some thought.

It's almost like seeing a rerun of a movie :( so I here I go again:

- Black eyelet Gloria Vanderbilt dress - this time paired with a burgundy ribbon.
- Black patent shoes American Eagle-Payless
- Black patent tote bag Neiman Marcus brand

Tonight I pack for a 10 day trip to South America, which should be kind of chilly.
Will do my best to keep you updated !

New Segment WTF : Seeking Enlightment from Fellow Bloggers

Once a week I will be posting about things that just make me think, WTF  ?
What's the message being sent ? What is the point ? What were they thinking ? What is the response they want ? Who is is this for? 
Hopefully you can help me sort things out and understand whatever the message is.
Debuting this first week: an ad found yesterday while flipping through the pages of a French magazine.

Call me ignorant but I had never, ever heard of this brand.
First thing I did - after I was done laughing- was check the Merriam-Webster dictionary. 
A Gentleman farmer happens to be: a man who farms out of pleasure rather than profit.
I majored in marketing. While in school somewhere along the road we were introduced to the world of brands. How brand names are developed, how they set you apart, how they mean something, blah, blah, blah.
All I can say is that whoever thought of this name brand clearly did not think global. 
(Ha! now watch them shut me up by having the brand be the next big hit)

But, most important: What are you thinking ?

Monday Madness

Monday morning, back to work.
It has been raining since noon yesterday, non stop.
I know that you are not supposed to wear white when it snows, my equivalent being rain, but at this point it was all my little head could put together:
- White Jeans GAP
- White tank top no brand
- Beige cardigan F21
- Brown booties Bandolino
- Yellow tote by LULU
- Green rocks necklace and bracelet- gift from H
- Quilted brown belt no brand

Saturday while doing it all...

After a trip I usually have tons of stuff to do... supermarket, laundry, seamstress, clean around the house, unpack... you get the picture.
I did not get very creative here, so here's what I wore:
- 7 For All Mankind Jeans
- Lacoste polo shirt
- White sandals

At noon I got a call letting me know that there had been a death in the family (an aunt's mom) so there was a funeral service in the afternoon, to which I wore:
- Black eyelet dress Gloria Vanderbilt - this time with a black ribbon
- Black and silver flats
- Black clutch Mondani brand

After the ceremony, H and I decided to catch a movie with some friends.
We saw Surrogates starring Bruce Willis with hair. It was interesting though a little over the edge, but our friends' company made up for it :)

I wore: 
- 7 For All Mankind jeans
- Brown turtleneck sweater
- Black cardigan George brand
- Yellow LULU brand bag
- Purple suede shoes from Payless

So, was your weekened busy ?