Friday in Montevideo for Work

This is Pocitos beach, Montevideo Uruguay last night at 8 PM.... 8 PM !

Anyways last night I stayed up again answering emails, meaning that I did not get THAT much NEEDED rest.

As I run out the door today on my way to work I wore:

- Black pants Sigrid Olsen
- Black tank top
- Mustard satin blouse Odds and Evens brand
- Grey cardigan H&M
- Black flats
When I pack I often try on all outfits before putting them in the suitcase. This time I did not have time to do this.
So, when I got here and realized that I had put together 2 bows. 
The satin shirt has a satin belt which due to weather I decided to tie around my neck. Then I put on the grey cardigan and realized that it had something I had to tie up front and make another bow.. not . So I just wrapped the hanging fabric right back into the cardi. 

So IF I finish early today I MIGHT just get to see a glimpse of Montevideo as a tourist... let's see if I can !


Penny said...

How ingenious!! That blouse is beautiful too. Hope you do get to go sightseeing too:)

Sheila said...

You're so clever! That looks great!

Lorena said...

This outfit pictured well, but it was not very flattering... i realized it when I saw myself in a shop window.. oops !