Saturday at Buenos Aires' Recoleta

Last night while arriving into Buenos Aires after a 3 hour flight delay... I had the worst flight e v e r.  I mean ever. I did not think we were going to make it. 
The plane never stopped shaking, tilting to the sides, it was awful. The girl next to me began to cry, everyone was just staring at each other. I just closed my eyes, tried to keep calm and prayed.
Happens that there was a storm with thunder and lightning that continued all night long. 
This allowed for today to be a gorgeous day. After the storm must come the sunshine, so they say.
To my walk in Recoleta I wore:
- Talbots jeans (it's the only pair I brought!)
- Light blue Happy Bunny t shirt (yes, again)
- Black sweater Rafaella brand
- Red patent flats Kenneth Cole Reaction

I had been to Recoleta before, but had not walked the area entirely. Today I got to see a little bit more of it.

I walked into the Recoleta Cementery which I did not plan going into. 
I am very critical of people walking into other people's houses' of worship or in this case, resting places as tourists and just snapping away with their cameras.

But, I just walked in, I said to myself I would just catch a "glimpse".

It was like a city.

I had a lot of mixed feelings.

This is a resting place for the wealthy.
Many of the tombs are over 100 years old.
The place was full of cats everywhere.

I walked in trying not to make any noise.

Began reading the names on the tombstones.
They were like little buildings, each with their own doors.
Some had tightly closed marble doors. Others had glass doors, some with the glass broken.
I peeked into the glass doors, to find wooden coffins.
Some were literally falling apart, others were covered by Argentina flags. There were baby sized caskets too. 

I did not take pictures of these, it was way too much for me.

I was very impressed and as I walked there was a moment I needed to get out of there to get some fresh air. It was endless, I kept on walking and there seemed no way out. It was like a labyrinth of tombs.

I found my way out minutes later. But, this visit got a me thinking.
Anyhow, as they say we all have the same destination, some arrive first.


Penny said...

Cemeteries are funny places and I can see why you either felt conflicted or possibly overwhelmed. In Paris many years ago, I went to a cemetery that also resembled the one you went to and my own mind started to wander...just thinking about who these people were? You see how lavish these tombstones are and you wonder; were they happy? Did they help there fellow man? Anyhoo....sorry to hear about your flight but I'm glad you made it there in one piece:) Have a great time while you're there and have a safe trip back home!

hillary said...

I am so sorry you had to go through that. Last time I flew that happened. I thought i was gonna lose my shit. Next time I am taking a pill!