New Segment WTF : Seeking Enlightment from Fellow Bloggers

Once a week I will be posting about things that just make me think, WTF  ?
What's the message being sent ? What is the point ? What were they thinking ? What is the response they want ? Who is is this for? 
Hopefully you can help me sort things out and understand whatever the message is.
Debuting this first week: an ad found yesterday while flipping through the pages of a French magazine.

Call me ignorant but I had never, ever heard of this brand.
First thing I did - after I was done laughing- was check the Merriam-Webster dictionary. 
A Gentleman farmer happens to be: a man who farms out of pleasure rather than profit.
I majored in marketing. While in school somewhere along the road we were introduced to the world of brands. How brand names are developed, how they set you apart, how they mean something, blah, blah, blah.
All I can say is that whoever thought of this name brand clearly did not think global. 
(Ha! now watch them shut me up by having the brand be the next big hit)

But, most important: What are you thinking ?


Kristen said...

Welll, I've heard the phrase "Gentleman Farmer", and it would be appropriate for a Ralph Lauren type of clothing. NOT for a girly PINK striped shirt and pink scarf with pink fringe. OMG, the colors and the way the scarf is worn is cracking me up against the brand name!

Penny said...

I think they're trying to cater towards elitest. Those type people that think they're 'democratic' enough to get their hands dirty but still want to be associated with the upper echelon of society. I say poo on them! With all the marketing fiascos of late...i.e. Ralph Lauren, Vogue, JCrew, and now this - I wonder what these kids {because a lot of these marketers are in their 20's} are being taught in school. It makes you wonder if they're being taught common sense along the way.

Anyhoo...I love this post...keep'em coming:)

Anonymous said...

First... I say WTF to the pink man scarf. Really it is too matchy matchy and too pink for that man.

Second... I actually like the name and concept of this label, but if it is the next big thing most people won't care what the name means in my opinion.