Wednesday... Sao Paulo

Quick post... once again I apologize !
Ran out this morning to catch a plane to take me to my new destination: Sao Paulo in Brazil. When I got here I had to sit 2 hours in traffic before I got to my hotel in Avenida Paulista, dropped my bag, changed and ran out the door to my meeting.
Things are still a little iffy, emails keep on coming in, stuff to do, what gives - so I did not have time to get a "me" pic, so here's a post to show you another one of my findings at the San Telmo Market in Buenos Aires.
Textile necklace ! This necklace has such an impact, this morning while on the plane the Uruguayan gentleman who sat beside me (Mr Ramos) who reminded me of my grandfather, complimented me on it ! 
How's that ?! 
Hopefully I will have something else to feature tomorrow.


Penny said...

I love that necklace! Hope things start to come together for you real soon:)

Elaine said...

Such a cool necklace!!!! Don't forget to relax and have fun :D

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Great necklace.

Make Do Style said...

Lovely story and great necklace