Traveled all day to get to Uruguay

Yes, it was hell of a long flight but, I made it safe and sound to Montevideo, Uruguay.

I have been here before, I think the weather is marvelous and that the architecture is simply amazing. No giant concrete monsters, I hate oversized buildings.
Today I wore on my looong flight:
-Talbots jeans
-Light blue Happy Bunny t shirt
-Purple velvet jacket George brand - from Walmart
-Black flat shoes 

I have a long time friendship with Hello Kitty, but Happy Bunny is also an acquaintance of mine. He is evil but funny, sometimes I am too. More funny, less evil I would say.
For example I went to the bathroom and said hello as I walked in to a rude lady who never replied.  Well, before walking out, while she was in the toilet I turned the lights off and ran out the door. 
See, I am that kind of evil. Happy Lorena evil.

Are you evil like me ?


Kristen said...

Happy Bunny is my favorite graphic line, moreso than Hello Kitty and Life is Good. I need more Happy Bunny!

Penny said...

LOLOLOLOL!!! Lorena, that was bad!! But funny as heck! That bunny is a bad I love how it has it's arms cute. Great blazer too, makes the outfit that much more fun.

Penny said...

Oh, before I forget....I'm glad you had a safe flight and I hope you have a safe flight back too:)

Sheila said...

Oh, I am evil like that! :-P Good for you - rudeness should be punished.

I love that bunny.