Bye, Bye Uruguay

As I sit in the airport waiting for my flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina I will share with you some of the places I visited this lovely afternoon.
I have to say that Uruguay or actually Montevideo is the best kept secret EVER.
If people knew how incredibly beautiful this city is they would move in a blink, hell I wanna stay.
For anyone who knows me just a bit, you will know that I have very deep appreciation for anything old. 
Antique, vintage, elder people... it's all in that same group. There is something that sets these apart, the craftsmanship makes it unique specially now.
I love hand painted floor tiles...  these are from the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Knock, knock check out this door... this is the mailbox where the mail man would drop your letters...

Montevideo's buildings, streets, they are all part of it's heritage and identity, which is something I appreciate as where I live has lost it. 

OH ! and this is what I ate  during my walk around Ciudad Vieja... the biggest, reddest, yummiest strawberries ever !
(p.s. if you do not heat from me in a few days it may be that I got sick as I ate the whole bag without washing them)

I thought I would share these with you and ask... if you could chose any other place in the world to live, where would it be ?


Penny said...

Beautiful and I wanna go, I wanna go!!!

Elaine said...

Wow! These pictures are amazing! I especially love the balcony. SO beautiful! I want to go to Uruguay now! :D And please don't get sick!! For me, I'd love to live in a big busy city! I know when I get gray and old, I'd want to live in a quiet town but for now, I like busy busy busy! And my city isn't busy enough for me.. So maybe NY? ;)

Kristen said...

I wanna go wherever I can get such luscious strawberries in October! :)

Uruguay is lovely; thank you so much for giving me a peek of the other side of the world.

hillary said...

Paris or Germany.
I have visions of a chic crumbling paris apartment or a cottage in the black forest.