January Closet Additions

I know what you're thinking... if I am in a three month shopping ban, started in January 2017, how come there are closet additions ? Well: I had a birthday ;) 

January closet edits

I wish I had the will power to get rid of many things at once. But I do not. Slowly but surely, this is my first closet edit of the year. During 2016 I got rid of 134  items, my goal had been 200. The total 2016 recap is here.

First out: Two pairs of pants, blue ones from Forever 21 and orange Sculpture purchased in July 2011, these were worn 19 times, cost per wear 0.56 cents ! 
Also edited were two pairs of earrings: the gold toned ones from Forever 21 had a "bad fit" and the silver toned ones had missing rhinestones.

A pair of Vogue gold toned shoes, which fell apart years ago and yet I refused to get rid of them, until now.  

5 items this month. 


Black culottes Forever 21 - Printed ruffle top Zara - Zebra print heels Bershka - Black bag Tous - 

Straight from the depths of my closet, comes this printed silk ruffle top, one of the few red items I own. Without really meaning it, black, white and red has been a combination I have been going for these days. This top is a few years old and one I recall wearing over and over when it was purchased, however these days its not the case. Today it makes its last appearance as the silk has begun to show signs of wear...
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Black jeans Not Your Daughter's Jeans NJDJ here, here - Black tank top Da Moda, a must have basic here under 6.00 USD 
Red kimono like cardigan or cardigan like kimono from Via Vai, similar here - Red block heel shoes Zara - Black bag Tous  
Black and white stripe watch Candies - Buddha beaded bracelet 

Most of you know that English is my second language, the first being Spanish. In the Spanish language if you add the letters "ito" to the end of a word, generally it will indicate the item is small. 

I can never get the description for this topper right, as I call it a cardigan but it's really not. This garment rather reminds me of a shorter version of a kimono, a little kimono, so I've been calling it "kimonito" ever since. I have also realised that it cuts me off at the wrong place so it's kimonito's last wear. 

Salon at Six

Black cardigan INC International Concepts, similar - White trousers Red Valentino, similar  
Printed red silk top Zara, similar here - Red block heel shoes Zara, similar -Tous black bag, similar here 

I am impatient. It is probably one of the reasons I show up at the beauty salon at six in the morning. That way I do not have to worry about traffic, finding a parking spot or having to wait to get anything done. Its usually quiet and the salon is all to myself, as other customers start showing up about forty minutes later. By the time I leave, I go straight to the office and I'm all set for the day. 
Are there any things you do before going to work in the mornings ? 

Blush Blazer

Blush pink blazer Poetry, similar under 20.00 USD here, here and here - White tee shirt Theory, identical here - Jeans Zara 
Black bag Tous 

Silver and garnet necklace, similar here - Isola burgundy bow flats, fabulous option in velvet here

One of the fun or even funny things about fashion and trending colours is the fact that with the blink of an eye a garment lingering in the closet can suddenly be back in style. Such an example is this pink blazer from a February 2012 NYC trip, which I am now referring to as the "blush blazer", well because before it was just pink but since now it is blush its right on trend, I might was well just wear it.
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Pick your blush:

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I'd love to hear about which of your posts gets the most visits, please don't forget to leave a link ;) 

Snake skin

Black handbag TOUS, similar one by UGG here, Calvin Klein here and Botkier here
Zara jeans, similar high waisted jeans here - White button shirt Forever 21, similar here - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender
1960's snake skin and leather belt, prettier multi color belts here and here

When I was gifted this 1960's multi color leather and snake skin belt, I politely said "thank you". It was part of a vintage haul from my 90+ great grand aunt, whom I often refer to as my "Fairy Grandmother of vintage" or "vintage fairy". However, I did not love it. Maybe it was the colours or the snakeskin itself, I still don't know. However since starting the 3 month shopping ban at the beginning of January, I've been pulling clothing and accessories that are just in a closet limbo. This belt was in that closet limbo: in the closet, yet never worn. I thought I'd venture in it today and for now its a keeper. 
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Marble print

Black and white print dress Michael Kors - Black patent shoes Zara - Red vintage belt, similar - Black bag TOUS, similar

In the past I have never referred to this as the "marble print" dress, however now that I look at it, it's what it looks like or maybe I have just been too exposed to instagram feeds with marble top backgrounds...
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Here are a few marble print faves:


Jeans Liz Claiborne - Green seersucker jacket George - Burgundy high heel loafers Koaj, similar in pink here -
Pink button down shirt Chelsey & Jack, similar  - Black bag Tous, similar from Gucci here for under 145.00 USD

When I getting dressed all I could think of was of the rich hue found in my garnet vintage brooch and how it would be in tune with the burgundy loafers and sunglasses. The idea of perfectly matching three items and none of them being the main focus of the outfit made me think it would work. You tell me, did it ? 

Oh, and here are a few picks in of vintage garnet brooches and pins, because it's the January gemstone, which also happens to be mine :)
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Red topper

White trousers Red Valentino - Black tank top Da Moda - Red satin wrap cardigan Via Vai - Black bag Tous -
Zebra print heels Bershka 
I am the first to admit this outfit did not work. Proportions were off, trousers looked slouchy and the layering was inadequate. While I could have chosen not to post, I chose to, because the idea is to keep this blog real and, come on, really: it's just my every day wear. 
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Thinks it's time to find this red topper a replacement, of course after my shopping ban is over:

One out of four

Orange bag "For Me" by Lanvin, almost identical here  - Zebra print heels Bershka, similar here

Black culottes Forever 21, under 12.00 USD  here, here, here  - Black ruffle collar shirt Natural Exchange 

I had put together several outfits one night, at least 4 of them. This morning I tried three of them on before finally heading out the door. The fits were terrible, nothing looked well or maybe it was just me. Most of the time its just me. So I kept it as simple as I could, only adding zebra print heels and orange super size bag. What's your fool proof outfit ?
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As Basic

Jeans Liz Claiborne similar - White top from Puebla, Mexico similar - Red heels Zara similar

 Orange bag Lanvin, almost identical here - Brown sunglasses Tommy Hilfiger, similar here

This is as basic as it gets: jeans, a white top and a colourful bag, which I may or may not have worn two days in a row... ;) 
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Burst of Colour

Green cardigan America 525, similar - Blue jeans Red Valentino, similar - Silk on shoes flats

Lanvin "For Me" bag, almost identical here

I've been going for this green cardigan more and more over the last few days. It's been serving a purpose when I have needed a little warmth, some coverage or just add color like today. Pairing it with other bright hues was certainly a burst of colour.

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Zebra print heels Bershka, similar - Black bucket bag Moschino here
Olive green trousers Burberry similar here - Black lace ruffle collar button down shirt Natural Exchange similar short sleeve here


I am sooo avoiding the "buy it now" signs. Seventeen days into the three month shopping ban, I have:

1. Unsubscribed from over 30 newsletters.
2. Taken to the tailor several garments to have adjusted.
3. Made small attempts to declutter. Started with cosmetics, earrings and shoes and have a world to go.
4. Begun telling everyone that I am on a shopping ban, so they can help me stay focused. You need support, or I do.
5. Left my credit card in a drawer at work.

Tell me what you do to ignore all those tempting BIN signs ?

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