Zebra print heels Bershka, similar - Black bucket bag Moschino here
Olive green trousers Burberry similar here - Black lace ruffle collar button down shirt Natural Exchange similar short sleeve here


I am sooo avoiding the "buy it now" signs. Seventeen days into the three month shopping ban, I have:

1. Unsubscribed from over 30 newsletters.
2. Taken to the tailor several garments to have adjusted.
3. Made small attempts to declutter. Started with cosmetics, earrings and shoes and have a world to go.
4. Begun telling everyone that I am on a shopping ban, so they can help me stay focused. You need support, or I do.
5. Left my credit card in a drawer at work.

Tell me what you do to ignore all those tempting BIN signs ?

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jodie filogomo said...

I feel your pain, Lorena. Why do we love shopping so much? Yet I know personally, I have a ton of fabulous clothing already in my closet! My needs are minuscule! Yet, I love getting new stuff---crazy!
I love the shoes with this outfit you're wearing---to me that's the perfect way to add interest to a solid colored outfit!!

backinstyle said...

Keep up the good work, Lorena. I love this outfit-your style is certainly not suffering from your shopping freeze! I have also been sifting and sorting through my closet and drawers, to rediscover hidden and forgotten gems, and purge things I no longer wear.

Sheila said...

I don't go into retail stores very often, and I rarely go into a mall, so I'm not tempted by those signs (although I know everything here is on extra discounted sales). And right now, our social calendar is so full, I can't shop in the second-hand stores.

I quite like this outfit - the green pants are awesome. Oh, and eee! purple wall!

LyddieGal said...

Every time I start browsing I have to tell myself to close the window. I haven't gone into stores, especially TJMaxx, but I'm still thinking about those damn furry mittens (maybe because my hands are so cold?)

LOVE those green pants. So simple, so refreshing, and the black pairing works perfectly.

Mica T said...

You're doing so well! :)

I find telling people helps - I'm catching up with people but avoiding the stores as everyone knows I'm trying not to spend :)

I really like the ruffle detail on your top too!

Hope you are having a lovely week :)

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Natalie Sampson said...

I've been trying to do the same but had a little slip up today. What I have been doing is that I browse to stuff and put it in the cart. Once I see it I think about how I DON'T need any of those things. All of that until I get my will power back! lol

Gold Coast Girl said...

Cute outfit! Love the handbag.

Magdalena Ścierska Minimalissmo said...

Fine two colors combination (in fact single colors - black I treat like background). Simple and chic. Great blouse.