Palm tree print dress Sweet - Green cardigan America 525 similar here - Black flats Sam Edelman - Grey bag

It happens every year. Pantone comes out with the color of the year and its usually the one I have the least of in the closet. It's either that or its the color of the garments and accessories that I just got rid of. Taking this into consideration, you've probably guessed that this is one of a handful of garments currently in the closet...

Palm tree print dresses:


backinstyle said...

Lorena, my thoughts exactly! I'm beginning to think there is a Pantone conspiracy! I'm not sure how the color greenery is going to fit into my present wardrobe, but i really like the shades of blue and pink that are among this seasons picks. Also, love your dress and cardigan combination!

Mica T said...

I really like the green cardi with the print on that dress! :)

I am always happy to see if I already have pieces of the colour in my wardrobe but at the moment I buy more for style than colour - as I need to add more neutral basics. Colours are fun but neutrals is where I need to concentrate! I think one or two pieces in the colour of the year is all you need :)

Of course I find myself getting rid of items in my wardrobe just before they come around 'trendy' again, no matter the colour, ha!

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Sheila said...

I only check out the colours from Pantone for fun - I don't always like them, and they don't always flatter me. I LOVE this green, though!

Jane Droll said...

i'm not crazy about the pantone color of the year, but i am sure they really don't care. lol!

i have a few bits of green in the closet. here and there.

love your dress. it is cute!

Shelbee On The Edge said...

I am swooning over this outfit, Lorena! Green is my forever favorite color and this dress is magnificent! I just adore everything about this it! Thanks for linking up with me On the Edge.


Jennie said...

It's always great to find you have Pantone color clothing!

Sincerely, Jennie