One out of four

Orange bag "For Me" by Lanvin, almost identical here  - Zebra print heels Bershka, similar here

Black culottes Forever 21, under 12.00 USD  here, here, here  - Black ruffle collar shirt Natural Exchange 

I had put together several outfits one night, at least 4 of them. This morning I tried three of them on before finally heading out the door. The fits were terrible, nothing looked well or maybe it was just me. Most of the time its just me. So I kept it as simple as I could, only adding zebra print heels and orange super size bag. What's your fool proof outfit ?
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I like the addition of the patterned heels with the bright bag, it really brings depth to the all black outfit. x/Madison

ashon Rungsung said...

Looking gorgeous in Black. I love the idea of adding pop of color on all black outfit. Love it!

xo Ashon

Sheila said...

Hurray for culottes! I have a black pair too! My go-to is...shocking...get ready for it...a dress. Always!

Mica T said...

This looks like a great fool-proof outfit! I have those days too where nothing works. I tired on about 4 outfits the other day even though I was already late as I couldn't get something I was happy with. Didn't like the result in the end but you can only be so late before you miss something entirely, ha! I don't have a go-to fall back outfit at the moment.

Away From The Blue Blog

Kim Alston said...

Lorena, I love love this outfit! You look so sophisticated. What a way to rock culottes!

LyddieGal said...

Well I do really like the outfit you landed on, and i really hate it when you think pieces are going to work together only for them to just not be having it in reality.
I suppose lately my foolproof outfit has been jeans, boots and a sweater aka me being lazy and needing to get dressed in 5 minutes.
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