January closet edits

I wish I had the will power to get rid of many things at once. But I do not. Slowly but surely, this is my first closet edit of the year. During 2016 I got rid of 134  items, my goal had been 200. The total 2016 recap is here.

First out: Two pairs of pants, blue ones from Forever 21 and orange Sculpture purchased in July 2011, these were worn 19 times, cost per wear 0.56 cents ! 
Also edited were two pairs of earrings: the gold toned ones from Forever 21 had a "bad fit" and the silver toned ones had missing rhinestones.

A pair of Vogue gold toned shoes, which fell apart years ago and yet I refused to get rid of them, until now.  

5 items this month. 


TheNotSoGirlyGirl said...

aww lovely ^^

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LyddieGal said...

I think I'm going to attempt a goal of 30 pieces with my closet clean out. We'll see...and perhaps in the future a one in one out rule? does that ever work???

Mica T said...

You're doing well! It's good you could calculate cost per wear! :)

Regarding your comment with cost per wear on my handbag post, it's tricky. I often buy bags, use them, and then sell them on. So should I do cost per wear on the purchase price or the purchase price minus what I sold it for? In some cases I get more for them than I paid for them. Although that's rare. Clothes it's easier to calculate cost per wear as I donate the majority of them when I remove them from my wardrobe and only sell a handful, but I tend to rotate through bags more frequently by selling old ones to fund new ones, hehe.

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