May Edits

During May I did a little closet cleaning.
Just a small one, where the following items left:

Durian USA black skirt and Rampage Clothing black jacket
I did not wear them that much, the skirt was a bit tight and 
the jacket I just got tired of.

Black Rafaella sweater.
It was not that black anymore and since it was cotton it 
did not really keep me that warm... so off it goes.

Red sweater Cable & Gauge.
This sweater has stretched out over time and it's not even that old !
Fits right in the morning, by noon I am showing cleavage 
and by the end of the day my boob is out.
I tried layering it but decided I rather let it go.

Guess lace satin top and purple Sanrio Hello Kitty tank.
The Guess lace top is just not flattering, period.
The Hello Kitty tank was faded :(

My Josephine Chaus brown top was a gift at it is a size 4 (which I am not)
if fits snug and I am not comfortable wearing it.
Also my Carven tank is leaving - I make an effort to wear this top
and it never works for me, I think items should be worn and look 
good without over thinking.

I also got rid of an ill fitting printed Cappucino tank top and a pair of 
white bermudas by JW Junction West, they were not the best fit for me.

I love the color and the fabric on this NY Collection button down but,
it is too big for me, so off it goes.

I also gave away my white GAP jeans. 
I wore them a lot, as much as 12 times in almost 3 years.
However, when I looked back at the pictures I did not LOVE them on me.

Outrage purple flip flops.
I only wore them once, they were not comfortable
and practically fell apart.

13 items in one month.

Which makes it 53 items year to date. 

Vintage skirt

This yellow skirt was part of a vintage load of things that
were handed down to me by my great aunt.

Vintage yellow skirt - Forever 21 blue button down shirt - Qupid rust wedges - Purple bag Kenneth Cole Reaction 

I could not wait to try this skirt, as I loved the fabric, the color and 
the fact that it has pockets.
However, it took me sometime to wear it as it had an odd length 
for me and had to cut off about 3 inches.

So, I finally wore it.
To my dismay the elastic waistband gave me a balloon shape 
and I think the length is still not the right one.
I looked like a yellow sack of potatoes...

How do you think I could have this altered ?
Should I just call it quits ?

So sick

The flu has caught up with me.
Salt works jeans - Carven tank top - Forever 21 floral blouse cardigan - Purple Kenneth Cole Reaction - Qupid rust wedges
I've had a runny nose and an itchy throat...
I have been sneezing and sneezing
so just making it out the door has been a big deal.

Three prints

Three prints, one outfit.

Blue pinstripe trousers Anne Klein - Topshop - Red striped cardigan Exclusive! - Tsubo yellow shoes - Blue bag Zara

Another thing this blog has done for me is pushed me out of my
comfort zone and leave matchy-matchy aside - sure,
I still do it but not as often.

So, I put horizontal and vertical stripes together and then added another print.
As a result: my tuesday outfit.


As I have said many times before, I use to shy away from color.

Blue skirt (no brand) - Orange button down shirt Forever 21 - Tsubo yellow shoes -
 Purple bag Kenneth Cole Reaction - Vintage pearl necklace - Revlon VIXEN nail polish

However after reading so many blogs, seeing it in magazines 
and copying looks...

I have been able to incorporate color into my every day wear 
very naturally, like today.

I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks :)

My bag

My bag is usually an abyss.
I have old receipts, new receipts, coins everywhere, bills everywhere.
Also in there are napkins, hair pins, nailpolish, make up bag. 

  Forever 21 flower cardigan - Carven tank top -  Brown shorts LL Bean -
Zara blue suede flats - Purple bag Kenneth Cole Reaction

There is a tiny notebook, two celphones, one camera,  the chargers,
 my to do list, a pen stolen from a hotel.

No wonder I can never find anything.

J. Crew inspired

I like J. Crew.
There is no J. Crew where I live...
so when I browsed through their on line catalogue 
and came across this combination, I figured I could
put something together with stuff from my closet:

Forever 21 blue trousers - White button down shirt - Zara mint sweater - Zapatinho de Luxo beige flats -
Red D&G knockoff bag - 

It was a fun outfit to wear.

Happy Friday !

The better

The better your dress...
the worse you can behave !
or so I have heard.

H&M black tuxedo trousers - H&M kimono - H&M black belt - Grey tank top Yummie Tummie - Moleca black suede shoes - Tous black bag - Prada Baroque sunglasses 

What do you think ?


When you start giving too much importance to someone in your life, 

Black skirt Target Limited Edition - White button down shirt Exclusive! - Lacoste vest -
Chinese Laundry pumps - Tous black bag

you tend to lose your value in their life...

What do you think ?

Feeling stupid

Ok, so check this out.
I get home from work and get on the elevator.
I press the floor number I am supposed to go to and
instead of going up - the elevator goes down to the lobby.

Two teens walk in - they press 6 - they are going to the sixth floor.
I am uneasy and just want to get home.

Grey skirt Zora Fashion - Black tank Merona - Black cardigan H&M - Moleca black suede shoes - Tous black bag 
The elevator stops at six and I hurry out.
I am not getting off on the sixth floor, I have over 10 more floors to go.
I am standing in an unknown floor.
I walk back into the elevator feeling like a moron and the teens get off.
Feeling stupid :)

Bullying ?

It's on the newspapers, on tv, radio... 
awful stories about bullies in school.

New York & Co. print skirt - Button down NY Collection -
Fergalicious beige peep toe pumps - Kenneth Cole Reaction purple bag

I have never given it too much thought.
But a couple of months ago I was remembering when I 
was in the 4th grade.
There was this little boy who was annoying.
He just drove me insane, so I may have hit him - or not.

 I remember he chased me after class once ...
with a hammer.
He never caught up with me as I hid in the girl's 
bathroom with a friend who was a few years older than me.
I was scared at the time but then I just laughed it off.

Now I just wonder where he got the hammer.

Flowers and stripes

Summer is almost over - at least here.

Da Moda striped shorts - Old Navy flower top - Tan shoes (Spain) - Kenneth Cole Reaction purple bag 
I know you don't believe me, 
specially after looking at these pictures where 
I am wearing shorts and there is green grass and windy, clear skies.

It poured about an hour after I shot these.
Rainy season has just begun.

Scarf and stripes

Saturday is the day for errands...
cobbler, dentist, lunch and a birthday celebration.
White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Blue and white striped tank top New York & Co. -
Franco Sarto Red flats - Tous black bag - Vintage scarf

One outfit does it all.

Book 474

Rushed home from work to get ready for a book presentation at
a local museum, it was a book about collecting and history, which
are two of my very favorite subjects.

Alfani Petites pleather dress - Grey heels Hypnotic - Yellow clutch Suzy Lee 
It was a very anticipated event.
Even though it rained, the turnout was amazing.
It included the current and past first ladies, 
previous mayors and presidents...

And I, well, I barely made in on time, but
managed to bring home book number 474 out of 500.

On musicals

I happen to live in the same apartment building as one of
best known and talented theatre directors in my country.

Polo Ralph Lauren white jeans - DKNY PURE cardigan - Capuccino tank top
Qupid grey shoes - Tous black bag 

He's a really nice elderly man.

Whenever he is working on a production - which is basically all the time - 
he has a poster of the play displayed in a bulletin board inside the building.

I often ride the same elevator and he 
always, always tells me to come see the play he is working on.

I just smile.

I do not go to the theatre that often, but I do like plays.

So, how, HOW ?!
Can I tell him that I
just don't like musicals ?

Seamstress Tale

A few years back I was going by a house and there was a sign, 
it read "Modista" which is Spanish for "Seamstress".
I am always on the lookout for a seamstress, specially after 
Valeria passed away. 

Valeria was my seamstress, a small, elderly woman who I think 
sewed as a hobby because she use to charge me ridiculously 
small sums for her work.
Just imagine charging a dollar for changing a zipper !
I remember trying to give her more money and she would refuse to 
take more than what she had originally charged - 
even though she lived very modestly.

-Black sweater - Black trousers Charter Club - Berska black and white shoes - Tous black bag

So, going back to the seamstress sign, I went home and a few days later 
I had a vintage dress that needed altering, so I figured I would try that
new seamstress I found.
So I went back.
Knocked on the door and this tall blonde with a Cuban 
accent opened the door.
She smelled like cigarettes and cats - bad combo.
So I tell her I saw the sign and she tells me she is the seamstress 
and I walk in and try on the dress and she puts 
a pin here and a pin there... 
Tells me I can go back in a week for the dress.
As I am sitting down I notice that she is wearing an ankle bracelet.
Not a fashionable one... it's a house arrest ankle bracelet.
I recognized it from a tv series.

Vintage scarf

I left wondering what this woman had done and why she was on house arrest.

I also waved farewell to my vintage dress, I figured I'd never get it back.

 But I did, a week later I picked it up - I don't think she did anything to it
as I had to take it to another seamstress.

Maybe she was on house arrest for scamming people...

She remembered

I do not have a real, real good memory.
Well, for certain things I do, usually for useless and annoying things.

Nicole by Nicole Miller dress - Black cardigan H&M - Tous black bag - Bershka black and white shoes -
Prada Baroque sunglasses

Anyways, I was in class yesterday and we have new professor, 
she was roll calling and when she said my name she looked up and said: 
"I know you. I know your name."
I automatically felt uncomfortable.

Then she added: "I know you from ..." and mentioned the name
of the university I received my first degree in - over 10 years ago.
Finally she said: "I signed your diploma."

I have a feeling it was not just that - knowing me, 
I probably had a back and forth issue that resulted 
in some terrible argument.

But, then again - I forgot - and at this point, well
I don't even want to remember.

One garment's story

You buy a top because you like the color, it's on trend...
 or whatever the reason.

Black high waisted trousers BCX - White ruffle shirt Off Shore -
Red burgundy heel loafers Me Too
Tous black bag 

You take it home, hang it in the closet and a few days later you wear it.
You wear it once, you wear it twice, maybe even three times.
Then it's back in the closet.
You see it every time you pick out the top right next to it.
Time goes by and it hangs unworn for almost 3 years...

One day you decide to purge that section of your closet: the sleeveless tops.
You pull it out, it looks almost new - 
well it kind of is because it has not been worn that much.
You are about to put it in the bag for items to be given away but, 
you decide to wear it again, just for kicks.
You get compliments all day: 
from your boss, your grandmother, your aunt, your neighbor..

So, do you give it away or do you keep it ?