May Edits

During May I did a little closet cleaning.
Just a small one, where the following items left:

Durian USA black skirt and Rampage Clothing black jacket
I did not wear them that much, the skirt was a bit tight and 
the jacket I just got tired of.

Black Rafaella sweater.
It was not that black anymore and since it was cotton it 
did not really keep me that warm... so off it goes.

Red sweater Cable & Gauge.
This sweater has stretched out over time and it's not even that old !
Fits right in the morning, by noon I am showing cleavage 
and by the end of the day my boob is out.
I tried layering it but decided I rather let it go.

Guess lace satin top and purple Sanrio Hello Kitty tank.
The Guess lace top is just not flattering, period.
The Hello Kitty tank was faded :(

My Josephine Chaus brown top was a gift at it is a size 4 (which I am not)
if fits snug and I am not comfortable wearing it.
Also my Carven tank is leaving - I make an effort to wear this top
and it never works for me, I think items should be worn and look 
good without over thinking.

I also got rid of an ill fitting printed Cappucino tank top and a pair of 
white bermudas by JW Junction West, they were not the best fit for me.

I love the color and the fabric on this NY Collection button down but,
it is too big for me, so off it goes.

I also gave away my white GAP jeans. 
I wore them a lot, as much as 12 times in almost 3 years.
However, when I looked back at the pictures I did not LOVE them on me.

Outrage purple flip flops.
I only wore them once, they were not comfortable
and practically fell apart.

13 items in one month.

Which makes it 53 items year to date. 

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Elegance Personified said...

I agree with your reasons and your choices. It is good to do a good clean-out of your closet. You do yours monthly. I hadn't done one in 3-4 years or so but about 50% off my closet left (was donated, given away, taken to Salvation, etc.) when I made my move from USA to Europe last Fall. I am sure I can clean up my current closet in Albania, too. I can think of a few items that may leave but I might give some of them a second chance.

P.S. I love that red sweater you got rid of. I wish it would fit you better. Also the Guess camisole is cute and I happened to like it on you.