Seamstress Tale

A few years back I was going by a house and there was a sign, 
it read "Modista" which is Spanish for "Seamstress".
I am always on the lookout for a seamstress, specially after 
Valeria passed away. 

Valeria was my seamstress, a small, elderly woman who I think 
sewed as a hobby because she use to charge me ridiculously 
small sums for her work.
Just imagine charging a dollar for changing a zipper !
I remember trying to give her more money and she would refuse to 
take more than what she had originally charged - 
even though she lived very modestly.

-Black sweater - Black trousers Charter Club - Berska black and white shoes - Tous black bag

So, going back to the seamstress sign, I went home and a few days later 
I had a vintage dress that needed altering, so I figured I would try that
new seamstress I found.
So I went back.
Knocked on the door and this tall blonde with a Cuban 
accent opened the door.
She smelled like cigarettes and cats - bad combo.
So I tell her I saw the sign and she tells me she is the seamstress 
and I walk in and try on the dress and she puts 
a pin here and a pin there... 
Tells me I can go back in a week for the dress.
As I am sitting down I notice that she is wearing an ankle bracelet.
Not a fashionable one... it's a house arrest ankle bracelet.
I recognized it from a tv series.

Vintage scarf

I left wondering what this woman had done and why she was on house arrest.

I also waved farewell to my vintage dress, I figured I'd never get it back.

 But I did, a week later I picked it up - I don't think she did anything to it
as I had to take it to another seamstress.

Maybe she was on house arrest for scamming people...


ana said...

guapísima lore te queda de lujo el negro!

Mica said...

Love how the scarf adds a pop of colour to the all-black outfit :)

The seamstress sounds scary, I'm glad you found another one!

iminozz said...

Like the scarf- pretty pow of color!
Yes, a good seamstress is a joy to find! and a good cobbler-
Lucky you that you got your dress back.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, it is a wonder you were able to retrieve the dress. I recall years ago that a man tried to chat me up...and I belatedly realized he had one of those things around his ankle too.

I like this all black look.

Elegance Personified said...

WHAT A FUNNY STORY!! You got two amazing, unique stories two days in a row. The long blonde hair plus the ankle bracelet would have told me she was no trusty seamstress either.

Anyway, this entire week you have worn one elegant outfit after the other. Here are those gorgeous shoes again. Also, great nail polish color and nice pearl ring. =)