Book 474

Rushed home from work to get ready for a book presentation at
a local museum, it was a book about collecting and history, which
are two of my very favorite subjects.

Alfani Petites pleather dress - Grey heels Hypnotic - Yellow clutch Suzy Lee 
It was a very anticipated event.
Even though it rained, the turnout was amazing.
It included the current and past first ladies, 
previous mayors and presidents...

And I, well, I barely made in on time, but
managed to bring home book number 474 out of 500.


Mica said...

Love your outfit :) I really like the yellow clutch with the black top and skirt :)

Anonymous said...

The leather skirt looks great! So, what all do you collect?

Sheila said...

Fantastic outfit! Congrats on getting one of the books.

Elegance Personified said...

Wow you look AMAZING!! So hot. This all-black, elegant, fancy outfit looks so slimming & flattering on you. I love the pops of color with the Mustard Clutch & Hot Pink Nails. I also love your armful of bracelets/bangles. But what I am in love with the most is those amazing studded Teal Pumps. WOOOOWWWW!!

P.S. This event sounds so nice and you look great for it! =)