Black frames

It has been a while since I wanted a pair of black nerdy frames.

Levis Jeans - H&M white tank embelished by Mojca -Payless wedges - Roberto Cavalli black bag

Sally Hansen butterfly nail strips

As you can see, I finally found them...

Things I saw today...

This post goes out to NY...
it's for Ally as she had the idea of making these meme posts...
of what she saw today.
SO, I decided to show you things I saw today.

Top left is just the road. Top right is the machinery being used to build our first subway -its under construction. Bottom left is one of my favorite trees in bloom. Bottom right is an old building.

Do you document things you see everyday and post about them ?

March Edits

As you probably know by now, I edit.
I am always editing my closet.
There is a sense of fulfillment - a sense
of a job well done when that bag is full of
clothes to give away.

This month there is no sense of fulfillment.
For some reason I only managed to send
two items to that bag...

A Best Jeans button down shirt.
Brand new and unworn.
The sleeves were really long and 
I just decided to pass it on.

INC International Concepts top
This top has beautiful colors but the elastic 
on the collar and on the bottom is becoming lose
and the garment does not stay in place, so
I am passing it on.

So, yes, that was it.
Just 2 garments in 31 days - 
it seems like nothing.


We all know that accessories can totally update a look.
They can elevate it and even simplify it.

White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Black tank top Da Moda - Eileen Fisher cinnamon rust cardigan -
Black wedges Aerosoles - Roberto Cavalli black bag - Black Prada Baroque sunglasses

For a long time accessories were not a part of my outfits.
For some reason I only wore either gold or silver items, usually small.
Somewhere along the road I discovered that 
I love accessories, and now I have a few drawers full of them. 
However I still keep it minimal.

Now, whenever I travel -either work or vacation - I am always on the lookout for accessories.
They can be belts, bracelets, necklaces, rings...
They don't take much space in my bags and usually remind me of where I have been.

For example, today I wore a black and white striped fabric necklace which I picked up in Peru during a business trip. Paired it with a black beaded ring I picked in an airport  (Costa Rica ?) while waiting for a flight.

They make a better souvenir than a printed t shirt.
I usually look for rings first and then necklaces.
Do you have any favorite accessories ?

Not planned

I usually plan outfits.
 It gives me peace of mind.
 I try to avoid having that moment :
where you stand in front of
a closet full of clothes wondering
endlessly what to cover your naked body with...

Black jeans DKNY - Black tank Da Moda - Cardigan Calvin Klein - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender -
- Black Roberto Cavalli bag - Prada Baroque sunglasses
This morning it was not like that... I had not picked what to wear today.
I got up and stood in front of that closet looking into an abyss 
of clothes and grabbed 3 simple pieces and headed out the door.

So it was quite simple.
However I could not make up my mind on what necklace to wear.
So, it's never totally easy.

Carolina blocked

I recently realized I love color blocking,
which is the reason you have seen me do it a lot.

Green Carolina Herrera dress - Yelow heels Tsubo - Zara blue bag - Prada Baroque sunglasses
It's easy and fun.

So, I went the easy way out this morning and color blocked 
with my green and white printed CH shirtdress as the center of attention.

I think it worked.

November inspiration

As I flipped through the pages of InStyle magazine's 2011 November issue I came across an interesting color combination: grey+mustard like+blue. 

While the colors come together in a totally marvelous and unexpected way - they remind me of fall.

Zara mustard trousers - Grey long sleeve t shirt One Step Up - Black Oh Deer! heels - Blue Zara bag 

A fall which does not exist where I live.... a fall season which I only get to
see and experience when I travel or when I look at blogs or watch tv...

I won't complaint... although I do love fall, I will happily settle for my two seasons: summer and rainy :)

Meeting the Mayor

Today I had to attend a meeting.
It was not work related and it was at the my city's Mayor's office.

Black tuxedo trousers H&M - black top Merona - Rust cinnammon cardigan Eileen Fisher - 
Black heelos Oh Deer! - Black bag Roberto Cavalli - Prada baroque sunglasses
I was part of a neighborhood committee that had to present
a series of problems we were having.

I was upset and overwhelmed by the entire situation 
but was able to pull through.

Tous pearl bracelet - Cartier Love bracelet

Oh, and I don't know if it's good or bad but, 
we made it to the six o'clock news.

In shorts

This outfit was a total failure in real life.

Polo Ralph Lauren -  white and red pinstripe shorts Da Moda - Silver flats Pierre Dumas -
Roberto Cavalli black bag - Tous pearl necklace

However in pictures, in my opinion - it totally works !

The funny thing is that it is usually the other way around....
things tend to look good in real life and then you photograph it and 
somehow the outfit loses its magic.

For once, it was a relief !

Black and White stripes

This is as simple as it gets: black and white.
When you don't even want to think about putting
an elaborate outfit together, black and white always do the job.

GAP White jeans - Zenana Outfitters black and white striped top - George black cardigan -
Franco Sarto red flats - Roberto Cavalli black bag
However I wanted to make an attempt at wearing
two striped items too - all of this without looking like 
a person suffering from dementia.

So, I thought of accessories and 
Striped accessories worked for me !

Have you tried stripes+stripes ?


Yes, "kimonoed" is a word.
It's when the kimono takes over, like it 
did this morning.

H&M kimono top - Apostrophe fuchsia tank top - Black tuxedo trousers H&M -
Black kimono belt H&M - Moleca black suede shoes

I've noticed that I  tend to style garments in the most serious 
and formal way possible...
so I googled "H&M kimono" and saw endless possibilities 
with this piece.
 I found more relaxed ways to style it ..
so now hopefully I'll wear the flowers out of it :)

Another one

I have gotten around to digest my November magazines :)
I know, I am so behind.
This time I found inspiration in the November 2011 edition of InStyle.
What made me tick: hot pink.

Hot pink + grey + black = my look for today.

Casual grey skirt - Fuchsia tank top Apostrophe - Black H&M cardigan - Roberto Cavalli bag -
Vera Wang Lavender black flats

Have you been inspired lately ?


I am finally wearing my star top which I bought over 4 months ago. 

 Divide by H&M pink starred top - Olsen Black trousers - Moleca black suede shoes -
Roberto Cavalli black bag
In a way, wearing my new (old from hanging in the closet) 
unworn clothes helps me stay away from shopping.

I started a ban in January but succumbed and shopped
to my heart's desire in February.
So now in March I am making an effort to 
get back on the ban wagon.

So, I'll give myself a star for that.

Time travel

I've had this vintage skirt and blouse set for almost a year now.
It belonged to a great aunt who passed it down to me.
I am guessing it is from the 70's.
The label reads Argenti, size 6, the fabric is 40% silk and 60% linen
and it was made in Hong Kong.
As she is taller, I had the hem brought up about 4 inches.
Then I had it cleaned an ironed.
I had tried it on SO MANY times before and it 
just did not seem to fit right.
I finally wore it today.

ARGENTI vintage blouse and skirt - H&M black wrap kimono belt - Pagani bag - Innovativi wedges -
Vintage cameo pendant

I think the blouse it a little boxy and that the skirt is till big on me.
I tried wearing the pieces separately, like the skirt below
but I am not convinced.

So, I'd like to know what you think.
Would you keep it ?

Happy Monday !

Running errands

Beige Floré shorts - Blue button down shirt Forever 21 - Blue flower flip flops - 
Emilie M. mint bag

Avon yellow nail polish (Sunshine) 

I'll try

I 'll try to be nicer...
only if you try to be smarter.

Bisou Bisou long dress - Calvin Klein cardigan - Vera Wang Lavender black flats -
Mint bag Emilie M. - H&M headband 

Happy Friday !

Uncomfortable situation

Nobody likes to find or place themselves is an uncomfortable situation.

But sometimes these cannot be avoided.

The class I attend to in the university is coming to an end
and we have a final paper and presentation to do as a group.
My group is made up by 5 women: 
a public servant, a nurse, two teachers and me.
Two of them kind of disappeared in the process and I 
gave them the bad news: they had to find another group
because we had finished the paper. 
(actually we're 60% done, we have done all the research - it's due in a week)

H&M houndstooth trousers - White tank top - Pink blazer Poetry - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Mint bag Emilie M.
One said she would do the powerpoint and presentation ?!
That's easy: just read all we had done and that was it.
It did not seem fair.

As you can only imagine - it was an awful situation to be in and they 
were both very upset to say the least.

Vintage watch pendant 

After they left, one of the other group participants said she was remorseful.
So, I started to feel kind of bad, specially because I did most of the talking.
But, then I figured out I should not be responsible for someone else's lack of  work ethic or responsibility.
As a nurse or as a teacher - you should have your act together by now.

Besides, we're all just starting - this automatically sends a message for future group work:
you work, you're in - you don't: you are out.

Good riddance.

Doctor ?

Is there anything in particular you associate WHITE with ?

White dress Holy Codi Studio - H&M flats - Emilie M. mint bag - H&M white cardigan 
I don't.
For me white is just a marvelous canvas.
Apparently other people relate it to other things,
like being a nanny (here nannies wear white uniforms)
or being a doctor.

Today someone asked me if I was a doctor.
It's the second time it's ever happened.

Both times I was wearing white .
The first time I was in a hospital and a lady kept telling me 
I was her father's doctor and insisted I go see him.
She was so convinced I was her 
father's doctor, I almost believed it !

Lucky Pastels

Another look from the September 2011 issue of Lucky magazine.
Back then the pastel trend could be seen from a distance...

I liked the softness and girly feel of these pastel outfits and 
translated into my own:

Casual grey skirt - Forever 21 pink ruffly top - H&M mint belt - H&M white cardigan -
Jessica Simpson snake print shoes - Emilie M. mint bag  

Simple and comfortable :)

Past season

Yes, I begun my week with an inspired by look from
Lucky's September 2011 issue.

Black trousers - Forever 21 Blue button down shirt - Green jacket Tangerine-  
- yellow belt Forever 21- Moleca black suede shoes - Michael Kors black bag

I have literally a pile of magazines from last year and this year 
that I have not even began to look at.
It's a "process" and I take forever to go through them,
then I mark the pages I have to go back to, either to
google an item, buy something or try a look.

As, I said it takes me some time to finish the entire process.
So I am getting today's inspiration from a six month old magazine,
which in fashion ages is probably translated to 10 years- 

So yes, the look is totally past season :)