Uncomfortable situation

Nobody likes to find or place themselves is an uncomfortable situation.

But sometimes these cannot be avoided.

The class I attend to in the university is coming to an end
and we have a final paper and presentation to do as a group.
My group is made up by 5 women: 
a public servant, a nurse, two teachers and me.
Two of them kind of disappeared in the process and I 
gave them the bad news: they had to find another group
because we had finished the paper. 
(actually we're 60% done, we have done all the research - it's due in a week)

H&M houndstooth trousers - White tank top - Pink blazer Poetry - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Mint bag Emilie M.
One said she would do the powerpoint and presentation ?!
That's easy: just read all we had done and that was it.
It did not seem fair.

As you can only imagine - it was an awful situation to be in and they 
were both very upset to say the least.

Vintage watch pendant 

After they left, one of the other group participants said she was remorseful.
So, I started to feel kind of bad, specially because I did most of the talking.
But, then I figured out I should not be responsible for someone else's lack of  work ethic or responsibility.
As a nurse or as a teacher - you should have your act together by now.

Besides, we're all just starting - this automatically sends a message for future group work:
you work, you're in - you don't: you are out.

Good riddance.


byhillary said...

The thing I think about things like this. So I feel bad BUT dude you have to deal with stuff, we all do. STAY IN COMMUNICATION. If she had told you all along she was having z-issue and tried to work with you on that it would be one thing but blowing you off then coming at the end. NO WAY. Sorry try again.

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

I would feel bad too but what you did was ethical! It's unfair for the latter members who dropped out to show up at the last minute because things are due and they need to be "part of the group." It's not a fun situation to be in for yourself and certainly not for the other hardworking members. You're right, as nurses/teachers, they should also know better on how to manage time or at least communicate to the other members.

Good luck!!

Great look too btw!


Taylor said...

I agree with your decision - they're adults, they should have been responsible. You snooze you lose! I love this look, by the way - the pink and the mint and the houndstooth pants, aweosme!

Melanie said...

I really admire you for making a tough, but necessary, decision. Kudos for sticking up for yourself and the others that have worked hard!

Anonymous said...

As a teacher, this is invariably a problem with group or collaborative projects. I know in some courses on our campus, students are individually graded on their collaboration based on scores their group mates give you. Did you discuss this with your instructor at all?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and the outfit is delightful!

Style Sud-Est said...

I agree with you!
I never had to work in a group while i was at university but if someone did not do his or her part i would upset and tell them exactly what you said.

I love the houndstooth pants and pink jacket, very pretty!

Ariane xxxxx

Emma said...

I am not a fan of irresponsible people either. It is good that you stick up for yourself. I always hated working in groups in school. There is always someone who doesn't care and doesn't do any work who will get a good grade because of the other team members work. Argh! LOVE LOVE the houndstooth pants with the pink blazer! Such a perfect combination!

Jenava said...

Well, if this is the first project I can understand wanting everyone to pull their weight.

My MBA program was an evening program and it was nice to have a group because we were all working...sometime someone would be too busy with work to pull their weight in the work, but they made up for it on another project. The group was like a safety net since we were all busy. Just another way of thinking about it.

Love that jacket with the mint bag!

Elegance Personified said...

Another awesome combination of Light Pink with Mint Green. =)

Elegance Personified said...

Another awesome combination of Light Pink with Mint Green. =)