Doctor ?

Is there anything in particular you associate WHITE with ?

White dress Holy Codi Studio - H&M flats - Emilie M. mint bag - H&M white cardigan 
I don't.
For me white is just a marvelous canvas.
Apparently other people relate it to other things,
like being a nanny (here nannies wear white uniforms)
or being a doctor.

Today someone asked me if I was a doctor.
It's the second time it's ever happened.

Both times I was wearing white .
The first time I was in a hospital and a lady kept telling me 
I was her father's doctor and insisted I go see him.
She was so convinced I was her 
father's doctor, I almost believed it !


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

that's so amusing someone asked if you were a doctor! =)

i love a crisp, white look. It's such a clean look. =)


drollgirl said...

lol. white is my last name. not the most thrilling of last names ever, but it isn't too bad.

and it is so funny that you are mistaken for a doctor!

when i was a kid i just love white nurse shoes. i wanted them so badly. thankfully my tastes have changed over the years. ;]

ana said...

el vestido te queda perfecto super sweet ;) y con las flats rojas le diste un pop de color!

Anonymous said...

I tend to associate white dresses with weddings. In the states, many medical personnel now wear medical scrubs for everyday purposes. You don't see white so much.

The dress is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hey ;O))) very nice Photos Honey! I like your blog....;) I follow YOU i hope you follow me maybe back? Kiss from Germany ;*********

Elegance Personified said...

I associate white with a wedding - that's the most obvious one; and with summer. Nothing beats crisp white in summer time (especially with a good tan). I also associate white with a doctor or a lab but just the white lab coat not an actual white outfit. In Albania nurses wear white lab coats, too.

In what country do you live that nannies must wear white, I am curious?

P.S. Love that mint bag and those cherry-red flats. =)