March Edits

As you probably know by now, I edit.
I am always editing my closet.
There is a sense of fulfillment - a sense
of a job well done when that bag is full of
clothes to give away.

This month there is no sense of fulfillment.
For some reason I only managed to send
two items to that bag...

A Best Jeans button down shirt.
Brand new and unworn.
The sleeves were really long and 
I just decided to pass it on.

INC International Concepts top
This top has beautiful colors but the elastic 
on the collar and on the bottom is becoming lose
and the garment does not stay in place, so
I am passing it on.

So, yes, that was it.
Just 2 garments in 31 days - 
it seems like nothing.


Style Sud-Est said...

I edited my closet recently!
I always do that every month i guess, i need space for all the new stuff
I have 3 bags in the spare room, i went back to the bags to get stuff out, awwwwwww!

Have great weekend Lorena!

Ariane xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I had edited my closet heavily I thought the last week in December, but I did it again in March. I should have counted the number of pieces I delivered to the thrifts today. They were giving a significant discount as a result, so I had some incentive.