Past season

Yes, I begun my week with an inspired by look from
Lucky's September 2011 issue.

Black trousers - Forever 21 Blue button down shirt - Green jacket Tangerine-  
- yellow belt Forever 21- Moleca black suede shoes - Michael Kors black bag

I have literally a pile of magazines from last year and this year 
that I have not even began to look at.
It's a "process" and I take forever to go through them,
then I mark the pages I have to go back to, either to
google an item, buy something or try a look.

As, I said it takes me some time to finish the entire process.
So I am getting today's inspiration from a six month old magazine,
which in fashion ages is probably translated to 10 years- 

So yes, the look is totally past season :)


Kathya Stryzak said...

Buenas Lore..siiii ..te quedo lindo esa combinacion..ahhhhhh!! besos y buen miercoles

My Happy Sales said...

¡Qué guapa! A veces me olvido de buscar inspiración en revistas, pero mira qué bien lo has hecho tú! Un beso.
My happy sales

Emma said...

I LOVE this look! I also take awhile to get through my magazines and almost all of my clothes are past seasons lol. I spend all my cash on shoes lol.

Minted Magazine said...

I love this outfit! What a great use of color!

Minted Magazine

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

Lovely inspiration...and I know what you mean when the stack of magazines just get bigger. I like to take my time with them, too!

Anonymous said...

I love this look! You should enter it in the EveryBody EveryWear celebration of green!

It sounds like we take similar approaches to our magazines. I first fold down the page corners, then wait. Many months later, if I still like the look, I will tear the page out. And then, many months after that I will finally get around to putting an outfit together that approximates it.

Taylor said...

This color combo is totally on-trend. Not that it matters! I like magazines and blogs for inspiration, like you said - not to tell me what I should be wearing right now.

LyddieGal said...

good thing color blocking and cobalt are still totally in - at least I'm seeing it all the time on everyone. I think no one likes to really move as fast as fashion does.
(and then there are always the trends that wont die, no matter how much i wish they would, haha)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Hahaha I do the exact same thing!! I have so many magazines from last year that I haven't finished analyzing to the very last page. I think you look great in this outfit, love the colors!


Te ha quedado genial!!!


Farábian said...

Pero qué posts más trabajados... Gracias por haberte pasado por mi blog, es un placer.
Y sobre la tendencia pastel, pienso que sólo hay que saber combinar las prendas sin pasarse...

Elegance Personified said...

I did the same when it came to magazines. I threw away close to 500 magazines (more than half of which I never got around to browse, let alone read) when I left USA. "In Style", "People Style" & "Lucky's" were definitely my biggest inspiration looks when it came to outfitting myself.

ALSO THIS IS A GORGEOUS OUTFIT AND SHOULD MAKE YOUR BEST OF 2012 LOOKS/ARCHIVE. You have done the color-block trend well and I don't think this is two seasons ago at all since Bright Greens, Blues & Yellows are VERY MUCH IN THIS VERY MINUTE. ;-) Love these delightful & bright Forever 21 pieces. =)

Besos, Ada. <3