Once upon a ban

Once upon a time, there was a shopping ban
that only made it through January 2012.

That's right I broke it, here's the many reasons..

Zara blue moccasins on sale for 29.99 USD 
 I had been literally hunting these down for months.
how could I say no ?

A basic cotton light pink button down shirt Chelsey & Jack for 2.99 USD 

These amazing mustard trousers from Zara were 29.99 USD 

Also from Zara a mint sweater for 25.95 USD
which by the way I saw at Zara in the US for 19.95 USD !

This marvelous long dress from Bisou Bisou for 9.99 USD 

The birds on the branch necklace frm H&M came home with me for 5.95 USD

Printed floral scarf H&M for 6.95 USD       Bright flats from H&M for 12.95 USD 

A white H&M cardigan for 14.95 USD seemed like a good deal - 

A pair of black flats by Vera Wang Lavender for 79.99 USD

Another pair of shoes, burgundy flats from ISOLA on sale for 7.00 USD

Jessica Simpson snake print shoes for 15.00 USD

H&M white cap 1.00 USD

H&M mint tone leather belt 3.00 USD   Finally... the starfish cuff for 15.00 USD

A pink blazer Poetry brand for 19.99 USD

One pair of blue trousers from Forever 21 for 24.80 USD

When I added up my total I squealed a little because 
321.70 USD was just too much. 
I do not want to excuse myself but I traveled
and the results usually include shopping.

I am not sure where my ban is going now.
I am making an effort on going back to it in March and
Yes, I feel guilty.
Just a little.

How are you doing ?

Editing the closet in february

Here's to February 's closet edits...
When certain adjectives such as those below are used to describe a garment - well I just think it means that it has to go.
I am talking about: itchy, boxy, ill fitting  - like this grey metallic tank
from Marc Segal New York.

This 100% cotton Topshop jean skirt, did not make the cut.
It was not my style and I made an attempt to incorporate it into
my everyday wear but I was not comfortable in it.
 It's a hand me down -  I was quite surprised to see 
it was made in the U.K. !

A white button down shirt from Angel brand is also leaving my closet.
I have never felt it fit perfectly. I always had to put a safety pin for buttons not to pop and also the sleeves were long and I always had to fold them. 
However I kept on wearing it, then I realized that it had some yellowish stains
and that pretty much convinced me that it was time to let go.

My silver padded bag, which would look spectacular with all the 
upcoming spring pastels... bit the dust.

The thin plastic silver is falling apart on the sides and also on the strap.

My white tube top purse print La Belle dress brand.
The tube top does not give me a lot of support and
the fabric is rather thin, I also noticed a tiny hole forming
and I just never wear it enough. Probably twice in 3 years.

Just 5 items in 29 days.
I could have done better...

How about you ?

How are you closet edits coming along ?


If idiots could fly...
well let's just say this place
would be an airport.
Levis jeans - Zara mint sweater - tank top - H&M flower print scarf - Zapatinho de Luxo beige flats - Emilie M. mint bag 

Happy Friday !


We are always told to follow our hearts.

Zara mustard trousers - Via Vai horse print top peter pan collar - Michael Kors black bag - Marc Fisher flats

It certainly sounds romantic and ideal.
However, in order to keep it real :

Follow your heart but take your brain with you.

Report card time again

Last Saturday I took 3 little girls out.
It was report card time... again.
(original stories here and here)
They all passed to the next grade
and I had promised them that if they passed
I would take them out.
Blue eyelet dress Galeno - Payless wedges - Emilie M. mint bag 
They arrived at noon and we went for 
 chinese food for lunch.
They had never tried chinese food.
While having lunch I suggested we
go to the movies - happens they had never 
been to a movie theatre.

After that I just stopped asking.

We should be so grateful for all the
things and people we take for granted.
And I have to stop complaining-
specially for those stupid little things. 

Capsule Recap

This was my 4th participation in Jane's (The Small Fabric of My Life)
 wardrobe capsule and it was totally different from
the ones done before.

What made it different ?

First of all it was supposed to be 10 items in 5 days and 
I only worked with SIX (including shoes) !
Second, it was a summery capsule - it's usually work.
Third it was a pretty much green-blue palette and I go for more neutrals.

One bag, one pair of earrings and one ring sealed the deal.

In case you were not around, this is how I worked it ...

I wore the dress 3 times: once with a cardigan, 
then on its own and later on as a skirt.
One of the tops I wore twice, one as a regular top and 
then I hid one of the sleeves as turned it into a one shoulder :)

The kimono cardigan was worn twice: once tied at the back 
and once tied at the front.
Wore the blue trousers twice and the shoes 
and bag every single day.

Hope you enjoyed the capsule as
I certainly did.