Editing the closet in february

Here's to February 's closet edits...
When certain adjectives such as those below are used to describe a garment - well I just think it means that it has to go.
I am talking about: itchy, boxy, ill fitting  - like this grey metallic tank
from Marc Segal New York.

This 100% cotton Topshop jean skirt, did not make the cut.
It was not my style and I made an attempt to incorporate it into
my everyday wear but I was not comfortable in it.
 It's a hand me down -  I was quite surprised to see 
it was made in the U.K. !

A white button down shirt from Angel brand is also leaving my closet.
I have never felt it fit perfectly. I always had to put a safety pin for buttons not to pop and also the sleeves were long and I always had to fold them. 
However I kept on wearing it, then I realized that it had some yellowish stains
and that pretty much convinced me that it was time to let go.

My silver padded bag, which would look spectacular with all the 
upcoming spring pastels... bit the dust.

The thin plastic silver is falling apart on the sides and also on the strap.

My white tube top purse print La Belle dress brand.
The tube top does not give me a lot of support and
the fabric is rather thin, I also noticed a tiny hole forming
and I just never wear it enough. Probably twice in 3 years.

Just 5 items in 29 days.
I could have done better...

How about you ?

How are you closet edits coming along ?


Delane said...

I'm following a purge calendar this year. This month it is belts. I unloaded 15 belts that either don't fit or I don't like.

Meli22 said...

I've been slowly purging too, and I feel as long as you are making honest, intelligent decisions it doesn't matter about the numbers- be it 1 or 20!