Once upon a ban

Once upon a time, there was a shopping ban
that only made it through January 2012.

That's right I broke it, here's the many reasons..

Zara blue moccasins on sale for 29.99 USD 
 I had been literally hunting these down for months.
how could I say no ?

A basic cotton light pink button down shirt Chelsey & Jack for 2.99 USD 

These amazing mustard trousers from Zara were 29.99 USD 

Also from Zara a mint sweater for 25.95 USD
which by the way I saw at Zara in the US for 19.95 USD !

This marvelous long dress from Bisou Bisou for 9.99 USD 

The birds on the branch necklace frm H&M came home with me for 5.95 USD

Printed floral scarf H&M for 6.95 USD       Bright flats from H&M for 12.95 USD 

A white H&M cardigan for 14.95 USD seemed like a good deal - 

A pair of black flats by Vera Wang Lavender for 79.99 USD

Another pair of shoes, burgundy flats from ISOLA on sale for 7.00 USD

Jessica Simpson snake print shoes for 15.00 USD

H&M white cap 1.00 USD

H&M mint tone leather belt 3.00 USD   Finally... the starfish cuff for 15.00 USD

A pink blazer Poetry brand for 19.99 USD

One pair of blue trousers from Forever 21 for 24.80 USD

When I added up my total I squealed a little because 
321.70 USD was just too much. 
I do not want to excuse myself but I traveled
and the results usually include shopping.

I am not sure where my ban is going now.
I am making an effort on going back to it in March and
Yes, I feel guilty.
Just a little.

How are you doing ?


Cool Vanity said...

Love burgundy shoes are so cute. Kisses.

Sheila said...

You got some beautiful items, though (I love that starfish cuff). I think as long as you are within your means/budget, and you continue to edit your closet, you shouldn't feel guilty for spending. It's more the awareness of what you're spending vs. the mindless shopping without it.

Melrose said...

I definitely failed my shopping-ban too.
When you're "not allowed" it makes me want to do it more! And then you go kind of nuts with the spending... I think I'm going top have to set a budget from now on instead of straight up depravity.

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Lol you didn't manage one month and this was a serious shopping spree not even just a littl eslip up! I took a shopping ban pledge on New Years Day of 2011 and managed a whole year! I was so proud of myself at the end! But now I'm glad to be able to shop again.
Daisy Dayz

Meli22 said...

I <3 that starfish cuff

I know how it feels to fail shopping bans, every time I am on one, I fail. I shop less when not on a ban. It seems being on a ban turns my mind more firmly to the idea of shopping!

when I don't shop, it's because I stayed away from blogs that showcase buying items/where to buy items they wear, and because when I am 'bored' or have extra time I made plans to do something not shopping related- like ice skating, dinner, movies, etc.

Carla said...

nice shopping spree! =) I'm on a polish ban right now. I've lasted a week so far....

Anonymous said...

I would not have been able to resist the snakeskin pumps or the starfish cuff myself!