Product Review: LEVI's SandyBell 1974 Re Issue

Oh Levi's... where have you been ? 
I have not had a pair of Levi's in quite some time...
Ran across a handsome dark blue pair of jeans at the sales rack. 
When I pulled them out and saw the Levi's orange tab I felt comfortable as I have known the brand for years.
In high school they were THE BRAND to have. 
I gave these Levi's SandyBell 1974 Re-issue a chance in the fitting room.
As soon as they were on I knew they were coming home with me.
They are comfortable, fabric is light, the FIT is just right, the color.... WOW!
I have not had a pair fit like this in sometime. 
If you see them give them a try, really. I know that we have gone for other more expensive brands lately but, I REALLY MEAN it. Try these on !

This is an independent review, I have no relationship with Levi's.

Can you believe it is almost 2010...?!

The year is almost over. I have not had the time to sit down and think about it. I am not the person to make new year resolutions, I just keep going. Decided to do a little change in my blog banner... nothing extraordinaire considering I have no photoshop skills so I did it in powerpoint... yes, powerpoint. I realized that there was another blog with a similar name, so I did a tiny change by including my name.

So, let's get to business, today I wore:
-7 For All Mankind Jeans
-White Peter Pan Collar blouse Saint Tropez West- vintage
-Cardigan - American Raglie
-Crocheted rose pin (snagged off another top)
- Pink belt
- Brown textile shoes Bacci brand
- Bronze tote bag Elvis Presley

Special Thanks

I have to stop and say thank you Sheila from Ephemera for including me in her Major Awards

I really cannot be thankful enough, specially because there are so many wonderful bloggers out there and she thought of me!
Sheila wrote:
"I Wish She Didn't Blur Out Her Face Blog: My Every Day Wear

I know she must be gorgeous! Lorena has an impeccable sense of style - and she travels a lot, so it's interesting to see how she puts together such an awesome professional look. I also love her black and white Christmas tree!"

As I have mentioned before I live in a really small country where safety has become a real issue therefore I blur out my face- Although this month I decided to include an eye ! 
This, because of a painter I love (and hope to have a painting of someday!) who always covers the women's faces in his paintings and only lets one eye show.
Thanks again Sheila, this pic os for you !

Today I wore:

-7 For All Mankind Jeans
- White polo shirt IZOD
- Greenish-turquoise cardi Calvin Klein
- Orange loafers Franco Sarto
- Bronze Tote bag Elvis Presley
- Gold rhinestone earrings

My boyfriend jacket

As the year ends, I realize I have too many stuff in my closet that I still have not gotten around to wearing. One of them is my blue boyfriend jacket, which I decided to take to work today.

-Blue Boyfriend jacket F21
-White t shirt Milky Way Jeans 
-Multiple gold chain necklace F21
-7 For All Mankind Jeans
-Black leather pointy shoes Bandolino
-Bronze tote bag Elvis Presley

As the year ends, I am also still thinking about doing a self imposed shopping ban... specially because I have so many items still hanging with the tag on.
We'll see!

Sunday Brunch

After having too much turkey, there's nothing like going out to a brunch where they serve anything BUT, turkey!
I wore:
- Light blue Tommy Hilfiger jeans
- White tank top
- Blue zipped top Py
- White leather sandals
- Bronze tote bag Elvis Presley
- Gold cuff F21
- Multiple Gold chain necklace F21

Bed Hunting...

Today we went "bed hunting".
Visited over 5 stores and did not come up with many options, below is my H's pick:

In my case, I thought his pick was a little dark, so I picked something very similar to this, BUT the entire padded bed is RED:

While running around in furniture stores, I wore:
- 7 for All Mankind Jeans
-Light blue top with wood beads Request
- Brown Sandals Kenneth Cole Reaction
- Bronze tote bag Elvis Presley
- Gold hoop earrings
- Gold Cuff F21

December 25th: Christmas Day with Friends

I believe. Sometimes it's hard to but, at the end I am always shown the way.
Decided to have a friends and family lunch-dinner at home. 

This time we did not cook, we had all the meal catered as last time we cooked it was endless.

While sharing with over friends and family... up until almost midnight, I wore:
- Purple long strapless dress Cherish
- Black and gold jeweled flats Nine West 

May the light also find a way into your life.

I remember Christmas when I was a little kid. 
They were awesome... now it has become a hectic time. It is so unfortunate that I find them so hard to enjoy now. I wish I was a kid.
On Christmas night, I wore:
- Blue One shoulder Jumper F21
- Yellow padded patent clutch
- Silver Bracelets Charlotte Russe

So.... I wore it again

Yes, I wore them again... the jeans, the top/dress

-  Colorful satin top/dress Elizabeth Blair brand
-  Blue Jeans Sandybell 1974 reissue by Levi's 
-  Silver chain belt
-  Black patent shoes Nine West
-  Bronze tote bag Elvis Presley
-  Green crocheted earrings

I wore this to work today.... 

Do you have any plans for tonight ?

More Advise please !

Yesterday was my H's mom birthday, we decided to take her to a nice fancy restaurant. Beach front, fountains, live music, palm trees, breezy ... you get the picture.

A family member shows up with 3 additional people AND at the end my H has to pay for the ENTIRE dinner. When it was agreed upon that  each would pay for their own guests and whatever my H's parents had would be 50/50.

When I saw that happen all I could think of is, this is not the first time she pulled this on us.

The question I had in my mind is HOW to get her to pay back ??

I cannot imagine what the look on my face was ... by the way I was wearing this:

- Colorful satin dress/top Elizabeth Blair brand
- Black Clutch Mondani
- Black patent peep toe flats
- Black feathery headband + green pin with rhinestones
- Rhinestone bracelets and earrings Charlotte Russe

I thought the sleeves did not help much so I pulled them up with a green cord and voilá !

Totally Channeling the 60's...

And sending your way some peace... which is so urgently needed on these hectic days where it all seems to be about shopping... where the real sense seems to be lost.
Now that I mention shopping, I need some advise.
I have a certain person that it is really hard to buy presents for. Year after year it's the same story. She either ignores the gift, leaving it unopened or when she opens it she just looks at it and that is it. 
Now, I do not expect jumping jacks out of her but.... I usually take a lot of effort in trying to pick out something she will like.
H's only sister, never buys him anything and for me - ha! last year immediately after she received a dress I had bought for her she went into her room got a lipstick (one of those that come in the Elizabeth Arden set) threw it in a box and gave it to me. 
SO, you can only imagine how I felt. Anyways, it's that time of the year again and I honestly do not know what to buy for her. Any suggestions ? I am really out of ideas.

Anyhoo, today I wore:
- Blue Jeans from Levi's - 1974 Sandybell re issue. So comfortable !
- Orange pattern shirt from Isaac Mizrahi for Target
- Blue pumps from Chinese Laundry
- Bronze Tote bag Elvis Presley

WTF: There's a Pig inhabiting my armpit....

Prior to being sick, I was at the mall and came across this mini billboard... first I could not stop laughing then I just though it was plain nasty.

I can actually imagine this model saying "Yes, I am the model on the advertisement for Rexona deodorants, the one with the pig in the armpit..."

Is this really the best they could do ?

Not one of My Best...

I have been reading several blogs in which you take the time to look back and chose your best outfits of the year.Which in my case is one of the purposes of this blog, see what works and what does not, how I evolve or revolve, blah blah blah...
As I have been sick for a week and am late on most of my Christmas shopping, I have not been able to "look back" however, I can tell you that today's outfit is surely not on that list:
- 7 For All Mankind Jeans
- Brown turtleneck by Zara
- Rose cardigan by American Raglie
- Pink belt 
- Brown suede peep toes by Kenneth Cole Reaction
- Bronze tote Elvis Presley