Ruffles & Bows

Grey blazer Suizie Shier - Ruffle tee shirt Talbots  - Black trousers Mossimo - Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti
Satchel bag Stella Ritwaggen

I'm a sucker for a good bow and ruffle, as long as they are correctly placed, not overdone or overpowering the entire look. Because we've all seen that, specially if you were conscious in the 80's.
I think bows and ruffles are family, so it was an easy match to pair these subtle pieces that share family ties and colour: ruffle tee shirt and bow flats. Which do you prefer, bows or ruffles ?

Ruffled tees:

5 things I learned from Jenna

Moscot glasses image via 

I've expressed my girl crush on Jenna Lyons, former J. Crew Creative Director before. She wears what she likes and I like what she wears, as simple as that. I've read up on her and pinned several of her looks in my Pinterest Outfit Inspiration board. On the way, I've learned a few things from her, today I thought I'd share 5:

1. Identify your style signifiers and do not confuse it with a signature style. 
That being said it's not a uniform, one of mine are sunglasses.

2. Don't divide your wardrobe.
This only sets boundaries and limits your own creativity. If you have an area in the closet for "work clothes" that's all they'll ever be: set them free. Mix them up. I confess that I wear my jeans to work with a structured Theory blazer and then wear them on the weekend to do gardening. I've worn the same long skirt to a formal wedding and also to the mall. 

3. It's not about buying something new, it's about wearing it in a new way.
This is crucial for me as I love getting a low cost per wear, I also love being creative and blogs are an infinite resource of inspiration.... and they´re free ! Wearing things in a new way can mean you tie the cardigan to your waist and use it as an accessory or just wearing your top on backwards.

4. Don't ignore color. 
It's intimidating, it´s not easy and it puts you on the map. Dare yourself to. I know I've done this and one of the best examples was buying and then wearing a pair of pink neon pants, wether they're trending or not.. 

5. It's all in the details. 
What are you doing to wear something out of the usual ? Maybe its just buttoning the shirt collar, adding a brooch to your watch, a half tucked shirt or tying a vintage scarf to the belt loop. Something small that gives it a personal touch. 

What's your take on this ? 

Blogs make me want

Black pencil skirt Apt 9 - Animal print top Michael Kors 
Nude patent heels Sam Edelman - Brown Madison tote bag Coach

Blogs make me want things, for example it made me want this belt , even though every other blogger has it. I wonder how many of them Gucci produced...
Anyways, I wanted it, but was not willing to drop that amount of cash, which happens to be more than the minimum monthly salary where I live. 
So, I went for the next best thing I could find, which was this gorgeous gold buckle vintage Celine Paris belt: makes a statement, does not make me a serial wearer and it was affordable. Can you guess how much  I paid for it ? 

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Outfit flow

Khaki trousers Polo Ralph Lauren, similar - Vintage printed triangle top - Nude heels Sam Edelman - Turquoise belt 

I had been meaning to wear this vintage top but did not know what to pair it with. I then remembered these trousers, which had not been worn in years, set them side by side and they matched. Once I stood in front of the mirror I figured I needed a belt, as the belt loops were showing. Grabbed an old turquoise patent belt that barely fit and made it work. Sometimes outfits just flow and do not need much thought, this was one of them.
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Throw back to "Day Two"

Original blog post here.

A few days ago I wrote a post about how long I have been blogging and asked if after so long you would remove older, not so good pictures from the blog.
I was happy to hear from all of your comments that you'd keep them. I laughed a little at a particular comment from Gerrilyn (if you're reading and have a blog, please let me know I'd love to check it out!) which she said and I quote:

"I would leave them up because I would be younger and probably skinnier in my old pictures !"

Yes, 8 years younger and twelve pounds lighter ;) 

As for the above outfit it was my second one ever blogged and all of the items worn are long gone. 

Oh, and in my case all of my bad, terrible and super awful pictures are still here and will remain here. 


Blue jeans Zara - Striped blue long sleeve tee shirt Stradivarius - Blue Bee Happy shoes C. Wonder - Vintage Moschino bag

Blue and black vintage Moschino bag, another Moschino one with heart emblem here
The best surprise is to find something unexpected in your pictures, in this case my photo bomber Vanilla, who showed up in the second picture to see what was going on in the balcony ;) 

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Beige jeans NYDJ - Printed top Michael Kors - Black heel sandals Vince Camuto - Brown tote bag Coach

Zebra print tee and blazer

Black trousers Mossimo - Printed Zebra tee shirt - Black patent shoes Zara - Grey bag Ferragamo

The zebra print tee makes what is very likely its last appearance... 

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Facial expressions

Block dress AA Studio - Brown tote bag Coach - Brown cap toe flats Coach - Sunglasses Gucci 
Sometimes we do not need, or do not want to speak, however much can be understood through facial expressions. Are you naturally expressive or unreadable ? 
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Wild Girl Pants CPW

Printed black trousers Wild Girl - Black bow sweater MNG Mango - Black flats Me Too - Grey bag Ferragamo
These printed trousers have been around since 2011 and I just realised that the CPW on this item is down to 0.53 cents ! Little did I know I'd be wearing these that much.
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Throw back to "First day"

All items from this post are no longer in the closet

I figured it would be a good day to do a throw back to the first outfit post in this blog. "First day" was the title of the first outfit post I ever did almost eight years ago. If there is one thing I enjoy is being able to look back at old outfits, in fact its one of the things that keeps me blogging. 
A few months ago I discovered a blogger who had been around for a while just like me, but had removed pictures from her early posts and left just the text. Of course her pictures had been getting better so my guess is she decided to focus on the present.
In my case, those are staying up, because there is where I can see my start line and really measure how far I've come. 
I'd love to know what you think, would you remove your earlier posts, if so, why ?


Purple and pink polyester vintage dress - Grey shoes from United Nude - Grey bag Ferragamo 

Other shoes from United Nude with this fun heel.

Sometimes all it takes to put an outfit together is to mix a vintage item with a truly modern one. A good example is this polyester vintage dress worn with a metal Eamz heel shoe from United Nude. Whenever I wear these unusual heels, people tend to ask about how they feel, if they are uncomfortable and even ask how I can walk in them. I had the same exact questions when I saw them in the store and I can now answer: they are so comfortable that you cannot imagine and I can even run in them. 
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Yes you can

Jeans Zara - Mexican embroidered top - Brown flats Franco Sarto - Browm tote bag Coach

Have you ever had one of those days where you think anything is possible ? Where you feel like you can do anything ? Well, today is one of those ;) Because if you don't believe in yourself, who will ?

A first

Pink salmon gingham shirt J. Crew - Blue jeans Zara - Burgundy flats French Soles - Brown tote bag Coach

As much as I love the brand, drool through their look books, pin their images and have a total girl crush on Jenna Lyons (although she is gone now), this is the one and only item from J. Crew in my closet. I am the first to be surprised... 
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Gingham shirts:

Kimono and loafers

Black flower print satin kimono H&M - Black trousers Mossimo - Green velvet loafers Zara - Yellow tank top Basic Edition 

I am the first to admit I might have felt a little "pijamish" in this satin kimono and velvet loafers look. But, it was so comfortable to wear I have absolutely no regrets. Oh, and instead of wearing a belt, to keep the kimono in place I used a flower brooch and pinned it.

Kimono tops:

Blue shirt

Blue vintage suit Valentino - Blue shirt Carven - Nude heels Sam Edelman - Brown tote bag Coach 

While making up my mind on what to wear to a meeting, I opted for a blue vintage suit. Paired it with a button down shirt in a lighter shade of blue that had not seen the light of day in years. One thing I am sure of is if you look your part, its easier to feel it and transmit it, in this case: confidence. For me, suits have that power, how about you ? Any particular garment that gives you that feel ?
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Street vendor bought

Black trousers Mossimo - White eyelet wrap top Blessings - Black silk tank top Tess -
Yellow heels Tsubo - Grey bag Ferragamo

Several years ago while on a business trip to Lima, Peru I had some time off and ventured to Kennedy Park. Back then, the area had many street vendors who sold locally made cotton clothes off a cart. As Peru is known for excellent quality cotton and I love eyelet and white tops, when I came across this wrap top, it was a no brainer and it came home with me. I actually remember having to remove my coat, as it was quite chilly, to try this one over my clothes.
Have you ever purchased clothes from a street vendor ? If so, what ?
Oh and today, in case you've been following the pin saga, I've pinned my beetles to the side strap of my shoes ;)

Add color to you look with yellow shoes: