One June Edit

Just one edit for June.
You've never seen me wear this dress,
because I never wore it !
It's a hand me down that has been in my closet
for about 2 years.
I tried it on once and the zipper could not hold me in :(
Also the top did not provide any support and I
did not like how the dress fit, so I let it it go.

That's it.
One closet edit this month.

Retro feel

As I uploaded these pictures I felt these looked so retro.

Black bottom Volar - Top made in India - Grendha white flip flops
It could be the shirt.

It could be the sunglasses. Maybe the gold hoop earrings.

You tell me, but I felt like I was in the 1960's.


As I walked in the office
this morning a co worker said 
that I looked like a prisoner.
Black and white striped dress H&M - Yellow heels Tsubo
This comment made me smile and 
think of "Hamburglar" a 1970's Mc Donald's character.

It also made me think of being arrested.
Although I have never been arrested, I've had to pick up
people I know at the police station 
(they were underage and picked up at a party).

How about you ?

Combining chocolate

I am still digesting InStyle's March 2013 issue.

Sometimes when wearing chocolate or dark brown garments we 
need a little help to keep it from being boring.

Brown trousers Style&Co  - Blue button down shirt Forever 21 -
Leopard print flats Anne Klein
In my particular case, this instructive on how to wear chocolate
 served its purpose, as I would have never thought of
wearing these bottoms with this bright blue shirt.

The color guide suggested for dark brown to be worn with jewel tones.
I played a little with the photos and really like how it looks with a rich green.

I think I just found an excuse for getting a green shirt.

Spring butterflies

Back in March 2013, InStyle magazine featured 
"your look Spring Shoes" with gorgeous florals.

As I looked at the spectacular and expensive textile flower print shoes
 I recalled a pair of shoes in my own closet, my Bandolino peep toe shoes
that are printed with butterflies instead of flowers.

Yellow skirt vintage - White button down shirt - Bandolino heels
With those shoes in mind I put together
this outfit, because, well flowers and butterflies
are related.

The butterfly print shoes served their purpose.
Do you have any floral print shoes in your closet ?

Graphic black + white

From the pages of March 2013 InStyle...

I came across a quite simple trend: black and white,
which served as inspiration for today's look. 

H&M Houndstooth trousers - Forever 21 black and white top  -
Vera Wang Lavender black flats
My houndstooth trousers and a flowy black
and white top.

I don't think I would have ever paired them together.
Christian Lay white oval ring 
That's what I like the most about inspired by looks,
the part that is surprising and unexpected - but that totally works.


I lend and I borrow.
Not often, but I do both.

Blue printed trousers and top H&M - Black blazer Nine West - Red flats Franco Sarto
However not with everyone.
It's a small select group of people, 
those that have been "tested".

And by tested I mean that I have lent things to them 
-usually clothes- and these have been returned:
on time

Of course if I borrow from someone,
my pledge is also to return it on time
and clean-

How about you, what are your borrowing/lending policies ?

Same top

Yes, I am wearing the same top as yesterday.

Turquoise fish top - Unionbay jeans - Seychelles green flats
I already got over it.
I could care less.

On previous posts where I have admitted
to wearing things several times before considering 
them laundry material, most of you have 
confirmed this is a common practice.

I have come to think that people sometimes are 
more honest on line than in real life - 
as most people (with few exceptions)
will not admit to multiple wearing ...

Hi, how are you ?

I guess one of the most common
phrases we use everyday is
"hi, how are you ?"

Isaac Mizrahi for Target white mini skirt - Zara silver flats
Wether on the phone or when running into someone,
we - out of habit or custom - usually ask the same thing:
"how are you ?" - and most of the time we don't even stop
to listen at the answer.

I'd like to know how you are doing today.

How are you, really ?

Vintage silver

I had 20 minutes to get ready for work today,
because it took me forever to get out of bed.

J.Jill dress - Silk on shoes flats
I got dressed quickly and stalled a bit when choosing
accessories... until I picked out a a very thin silver vintage
necklace with tiny hearts.

Vintage silver hears necklace
I've had it for at least 20 years.
I remember it was a swap. I had a necklace that a friend liked
and she asked if I wanted to exchange it for this silver vintage
necklace that had belonged to her mother...
You can guess my answer.

Pocket dress

I searched for this dress on line, found nothing.

Anne Klein white dress - H&M black cardigan - Moleca black suede shoes
I went to the local Anne Klein store, nothing.
They'd never even seen it.

Then I went to a department store that carries the brand.
Went to 4 of them, they said it was sold out.

But I did not listen, I searched the racks...
and found it, just one in my size: my slanted pocket dress, 
which looks so much like the YSL skirt I had been dreaming of.
I don't take no for an answer.
I choose when to accept a no.


Somehow this dress was not included in my
monthly purchase posts.
I can only guess I did not include it as
I probably thought of exchanging it as it was a little big.

AA studio AA dress - Fergalicious beige pumps

This was last year, since then I took it to the tailor and
finally wore it today.

The dress reminded me of the paintings by Mondrian
and a dress I recently saw at the Rijksmuseum,
it's just colorblocking a la Amsterdam.


I keep two small boxes with fibulas.

Skirt Anne Klein - Grey top - Lavender cardigan Eileen Fisher
  - Dani Black shoes
In one I keep the silver tone, in the other the gold toned.

I realized that I don't wear my fibulas that often, 
so I decided to wear one of them today 
(oh, and I also wore one yesterday).

Can you guess what a fibula is ?

I just learned this fancy word today and thought
I'd share it with you !

Triple vintage

Today's outfit includes 3 vintage items.
Can you guess which ?

Vintage dress - Nine West black blazer - Moleca black suede shoes 
The first item is a vintage dress.
It's from the 60's and was hand made for my great aunt by her sister.

She gave it to me last year but it's my first time wearing it,
and I think I will take it for some alterations.

Tous ring
The second vintage item is a clown pin.
It was a gift from my grandfather, from almost 20 years ago.
I use to wear it on my uniform jacket when I worked in DHL.

Finally, the last vintage item worn today is the watch.
An Invicta from the 60's that has been featured here before, because it
belonged to a president.

Orange again

Thought I'd take the orange trousers for one
more spin.
Orange trousers Sculpture - Polo Ralph Lauren white top - Innovativi wedges
I can get away with wearing these trousers twice before they hit the 
laundry basket.

How about you ?
How many times do you wear your trousers before they go 
to the washing machine  ?

La Cage

La Cage aux Folles was the name of the musical I went to recently.

Vintage wedding dress - Red clutch Ferragamo - Red heels Melissa 

I must confess that I do not like musicals, but this was really good
and it was an opportunity to wear this vintage wedding dress once more.
To once more realize that it needs to go back
for more alterations !

Looks like Saturday

This looks like something I'd wear on a Saturday,
but, it's actually Friday.

Red jeans Old Navy Sweetheart - Hello Kitty sweater Forever 21 -
Blue suede flats Zara 
I did feel a little too informal when I entered the elevator
in my office building, as everyone seemed to be wearing a 
monkey suit except me.

I was the only one wearing the Hello Kitty suit :)

Orange crush

These two had never been paired together before.
Orange trousers Sculpture - H&M for Marimekko top - Innovativi wedges
Orange and some more orange hues.

It's one of the brightest outfits I think I have ever worn.

By the end of the day I felt silly and even a little clownish :)
What do you think ?

Michael Kors tailored

In September 2012 I bought this Michael Kors dress on sale.

Michael Kors dress - Forever 21 silver belt - Zara silver flats

It was just last week that I had it
 tailored since it was very big.

The seamstress did not take a long time altering it
and I am finally wearing it.

I have realized that I take more and more things
 to the tailor these days.

I guess after all these years, maybe, just
maybe I want for garments to fit, fit well.