Same top

Yes, I am wearing the same top as yesterday.

Turquoise fish top - Unionbay jeans - Seychelles green flats
I already got over it.
I could care less.

On previous posts where I have admitted
to wearing things several times before considering 
them laundry material, most of you have 
confirmed this is a common practice.

I have come to think that people sometimes are 
more honest on line than in real life - 
as most people (with few exceptions)
will not admit to multiple wearing ...


Sheila said...

I don't wash things until they smell - some things I don't ever wash. A good airing will take care of a lot of it.

Kathya Stryzak said...

ahh muy buena las estampa de la camisa es divina!

Beijos e tenho post novo

LyddieGal said...

sometimes i'll wear the same thing i wore to work on the weekend... if i didn't get a chance to photograph it then :)
Chic on the Cheap

Cool Vanity said...

Me encanta la camisa es super favorecedora y las fotos están graciosísimas. Bsinos y que tengas buen día.

Mica said...

The last two photos are so fun!

I do find people are more open and honest online :) It's nice sometimes :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

If a piece still looks/feels/smells clean and hasn't been worn too many times, I'll certainly hold off on laundering it. No sense in wearing out your clothes in the wash before their time!

Such a fun, relaxing outfit - the citrus hued flats are a really great touch.

♥ Jessica

Anonymous said...

Yup, I don't wash everything every time I wear it, or ever, depending on what it is. Sometimes I'll wear something in the evening one day and then wear it the next day too. Now, I did wash the dress I wore for just a few hours today, but that's because I noticed the wet sweat mark my back made on the seat of my car. Ick! (It was 111 degrees outside!)