Vintage silver

I had 20 minutes to get ready for work today,
because it took me forever to get out of bed.

J.Jill dress - Silk on shoes flats
I got dressed quickly and stalled a bit when choosing
accessories... until I picked out a a very thin silver vintage
necklace with tiny hearts.

Vintage silver hears necklace
I've had it for at least 20 years.
I remember it was a swap. I had a necklace that a friend liked
and she asked if I wanted to exchange it for this silver vintage
necklace that had belonged to her mother...
You can guess my answer.


Closet Fashionista said...

That necklace is so pretty! And I love that bag! :D


The manicure is adorable! I love your belt! xx/Madison

Kim Alston said...

you put yourself together well lorena! love that necklace. good swap girl! HaHaHa

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I know how that feels, it seems to happen to me way to often. I love the outfit you came up with though! And your vintage necklace is super cute! I actually have one very very similar except it has both hearts and stars. What a cool coincidence :)

Mica said...

Love the bright red belt and the dainty little heart necklace - perfect accessories with the dress! :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a sweet, engagingly lovely little necklace - I would have been very keen to trade for it as well.

♥ Jessica

joshylola said...

Hola, me encanta el vestido, muy bonito :-)