Review: My 2012 Purchases

I began tracking my purchases sometime in 2010
after I had already started the blog.
But, in a more formal way in 2011.
By "formal" I mean, taking pictures of everything I bought,
how much I paid for it and documenting it through 
my monthly purchases posts.
So, that's how I know that this year I bought:
4 Bags
14 Pairs of shoes
28 tops
11 Trousers
6 Skirts
12 dresses
3 belts
3 scarves
10 neckacles
3 pairs of sunglasses
5 rings
When I compare this to the clothes I got rid of during this year 
(aka 2012 closet edits) in general I gave away MORE than I bought.
For example I purchased 28 tops and gave away 59 tops.
I find this very positive.
When I compare my 2012 vs 2011 purchases
In 2012 I bought 14 pairs of shoes while in 2011 I bought 25 pairs!
In 2012 11 trousers and in 2011 19 trousers.
In general there is a tendency...

My favorite purchase of 2012 ?
I don't have one.

Purchase regrets...
I don't want to go there :)

Finally, money wise - I had not set a budget.
But after checking my numbers: I spent less  !
268.49 USD less than last year.
My 2012 total was more or less 1,725.67 USD
which is about 4.75 USD per day.
My goal for 2013 is to set a budget, 
which is 1,400.00 USD
Let's see how that goes.

December 2012 Closet Edits

December is a good month to edit.
Actually any month is, but here's 
what did not make it to 2013.

Worn twice.
Once in Paris to the Lido and the other in Albuquerque.
It is tight. I don't feel is does anything for me.
I bought it because it has a % of wool in the fabric
and it works for cooler weather but, I just felt uncomfortable in it.

 The polka dot dress from Retro also had to go.
There was no place in my closet for it, as it was ill fitting.

A gift from mom. 
Worn very few times in almost 4 years.

This orange lace top from Forever 21 lasted ONE year in my closet.
Purchased in November 2011 for 5.99 USD, worn 5 times.
It quickly stretched out and the elastic woven in the fabric could be seen.

Yellow button down from Nathalie B.
Tight. Color fading. 

My Michelle brown capris, pedal pushers... 
They were a gift from mom.
They are low cut and even thought I have worn them 4 or 5 times 
over the last 3 years, I have never adored how the fit or look.

This Jeanstar mini skirt was a hand me down.
Wore it once and decided to let it go.
Just not working for me.

Silver belt.
Not worn much.
Scraped, broke and I already got a replacement for it :)

Black flat sandals purchased in Peru, Platanitos brand.
I did not wear them that much.
They hurt when I wore them. The stained my feet :( 
and also things tied to my ankles make me look shorter.

Beige sunglasses. No brand. Partially broken.

10 items for December.

And that's it for 2012.

A Review: My 2012 Closet Edits

Closet edits are all about letting go.
This year I let go of about 122 pieces.
During 2011 I gave away about 66 pieces.
Meaning I more than doubled my edits.
Here's what left my closet this year...
and there are absolutely no regrets :)

Dress image via clker

Skirt image via Supercoloring

Shoe image via easyvector

Bag image via Boredpanda

Shirt image via clker

Image via how-to-draw-funny-cartoons

Image via ratesupermarket

Scarf image via tuxpaint
Necklace image via clker

Sunglasses image via How to draw cartoons on line

How about you ?
How was your closet editing for 2012 ?

At the mall

Sunday proved to be a very good day.
Home made breakfast, followed by a trip to
the country side with friends.

Gap jeans - Lacoste striped top - Zara silver flats - Trina bag
Then off to the mall and later and early dinner at the
old part of the city. 
Indeed a good Sunday.

Half Moon

I'm on Pinterest and have a board called "Nail Love".
In this board I have all the crazy designs 
I aspire to try one day.
AND that day came for the half moon.

The half moon nail inspiration comes directly from the runway:
3.1 Philip Lim's

And I love it !

Tuck vs Untucked

I walked out the door this morning with my shirt untucked.

Gap jeans - Off Shore white button down shirt -
Nine West gold flats - Trina bag
 I went to different places and found myself looking
at my reflection every where I could. The mirror,
the window, the car door.
I kept on wondering why I had left the house like this and
then just tucked it-
 It still did not feel comfortable.
After more tucking and pulling, I realized it was not the
fact that the shirt was tucked or untucked but, it was the shirt.
It just did not fit well.


I try to stay away from wearing an outfit
exactly the same way it was worn on a previous occasion -
even if it worked.

7 For All Mankind jeans - Zara white puffy top - Fergalicious beige pumps 
For me that it the magic of getting dressed.
Wearing one item several ways.
But, today I was running late and did not have time 
to put anything special together.

And I have yet to find an outfit composed of jeans and a white top that don't work.

Although... I can always google it :)

The Cuff

Sometimes while I browse magazines I'll remember an item 
long forgotten in a drawer.

In this particular case the magazine was September 2012 
StyleWatch: People and the item was a black cameo cuff.

As soon as I saw the other cuffs I knew I had to find mine.

H&M beige trousers - One Step Up grey t shirt -
Black cardi vest Toxic - Kenneth Cole Reaction black wedges
So, I wore it today.

The outfit kind of sucked but, it was all really about the cuff-

What's behind ?

If you have ever wondered what is behind the spot I
usually take my pictures at this post is for you.

Da Moda black vest top - Black mesh top Jou Jou Journey - Black trousers - Green heels Lela Rose for Payless
It's just an parking space.

Nothing exciting.

I take mine here because it's convenient, as there is a small structure I can place my camera on.

Do you always take your pictures in the same place ?

Past December 24ths...

Don't get me wrong.
I like Christmas, but over the years I have seen this beautiful,
meaningful holiday turn into a hectic shop-shop-shop thing I just
want to stay away from.
Unlike other years, this year no Christmas ornaments were put up.
I did not go to the mall.
I decided not to push myself and just take things slowly, so I did-
spent the 24th at home, eating yucca - seriously :) 
and hanging out with the dogs and no regrets.
However, here's what I wore previous years for




Which one is your favorite ?

What did you do ?

Not Sure

I am not sure if I wore this on Saturday or Sunday.

Saltworks Jeans - Via Vai Horse Peter Pan Collar top - Kenneth Cole black wedges - 
Then I figured, it does not really matter.

As it was just one of those outfits you throw on just to get out of the house...

and still wear something :)


The puffy shirts makes a comeback.
At least for me.

Unionbay jeans - Beige puffy bubble top - Zip flat sandals
Nothing better than a comfortable outfit for a busy Saturday.
After all, it's the last weekened before Christmas.

Blurry Kitty

The last weeks and days have taken a toll on me.

Unionbay jeans - Forever 21 orange button down shirt - BGBG blue wedges - Hello Kitty sweater Forever 21

So, I am kind of glad the pictures are blurry... 
that way you can't really see how very tired and beat up I am.

It's the season !

5 Days before Christmas

It's 5 days before Christmas.
All my presents are wrapped and 
now I am just preparing a strategy to deliver them.

Saltworks jeans - Nathalie B. yellow button down shirt - DC Shoes burgundy sweater -
Me too burgundy loafers
I am doing it at night time.

My strategy ?
I get home, wait until the traffic diminishes and
head out to visit friends and deliver the gifts.

How are you doing 5 days before Christmas ?