Not Sure

I am not sure if I wore this on Saturday or Sunday.

Saltworks Jeans - Via Vai Horse Peter Pan Collar top - Kenneth Cole black wedges - 
Then I figured, it does not really matter.

As it was just one of those outfits you throw on just to get out of the house...

and still wear something :)


Lisa said...

The top is just adorable. The peter pan collar and of course the HORSES make it really special.

Mica said...

Aww your dog is so cute in the last photo :)

Really like the horse print on your top, such a nice casual outfit :)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Either way, you are looking great Lorena!! Love the print of your top ;)


Kristen said...

That top is super-cute, no matter what day you wore it! :)