December 2012 Closet Edits

December is a good month to edit.
Actually any month is, but here's 
what did not make it to 2013.

Worn twice.
Once in Paris to the Lido and the other in Albuquerque.
It is tight. I don't feel is does anything for me.
I bought it because it has a % of wool in the fabric
and it works for cooler weather but, I just felt uncomfortable in it.

 The polka dot dress from Retro also had to go.
There was no place in my closet for it, as it was ill fitting.

A gift from mom. 
Worn very few times in almost 4 years.

This orange lace top from Forever 21 lasted ONE year in my closet.
Purchased in November 2011 for 5.99 USD, worn 5 times.
It quickly stretched out and the elastic woven in the fabric could be seen.

Yellow button down from Nathalie B.
Tight. Color fading. 

My Michelle brown capris, pedal pushers... 
They were a gift from mom.
They are low cut and even thought I have worn them 4 or 5 times 
over the last 3 years, I have never adored how the fit or look.

This Jeanstar mini skirt was a hand me down.
Wore it once and decided to let it go.
Just not working for me.

Silver belt.
Not worn much.
Scraped, broke and I already got a replacement for it :)

Black flat sandals purchased in Peru, Platanitos brand.
I did not wear them that much.
They hurt when I wore them. The stained my feet :( 
and also things tied to my ankles make me look shorter.

Beige sunglasses. No brand. Partially broken.

10 items for December.

And that's it for 2012.


Kristen said...

Nice. I am still sorry to see that polka dot dress go, but if it doesn't fit right you can't hang onto it.

Iris NoRepeats said...

I agree that polka dot dress is lovely, too bad it didn't work for you :/