Just moisturizer

Im doing a little experiment, I call it the "make up experiment".
Although now that I think of it, it should be more like 
"the no make up experiment". 

Thought I'd just show up to work sans make up, wearing
only moisturizer. Yep, just plain old colorless moisturizer 
and feel comfortable in my make up free skin.

Turquoise dress (made by Grandma) - Bievel red shoes - Roberto Cavalli black tote

I felt normal. 
Just a little pale but ok, I did not feel I had the need 
to apply anything on my skin during the day. 
Then again these days are irregular as I do not need to 
have contact with customers - (if I did I would not dress like this and would wear make up!)
In my work environment I did get stares but that was all.

How about you ?

Are you make up dependent ?

Have you shown up to work without any make up ?


Hypnotica by Vertigo is the perfume 
currently sitting on my dresser.
I like to open and wear to the last drop 
my perfumes (I have been known to give them away half way through) 
- you will never see several bottles open at the same time - 
that's just freaky controlish me.

So, I have been using Hypnotica for a few weeks now and 
have received a few compliments.
The perfume (yes, not eau de toilette)  is a crisp fruity floral - 
so heaven like that you could absolutely do
no harm when wearing it :) 
It really makes me feel like I am just sitting on a cloud.
The marvels fragrances can do for you.....

You & I

"It's been a long time since I came around..
Levis Jeans - Orange button down Forever 21 - Fuchsia sweater Papaya - Brown Boots (borrowed from mom)

Been a long time but I am back in town ...

This time I am not leaving without you .... "

I now Lady Gaga can be a little crazy sometimes
 but this song is just amazing.

Someone like you

" I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited,
but I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it...

Black DKNY Jeans - Beige cashmere sweater - Borrowed boots (mom´s)

I'd hope you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded that for me 

It isn't over... yet.
Never mind I'll find someone like youuuuu..."

How much is too much Adele ?

Enjoy !


Have you ever been on vacation and 
then it suddenly turns into a work day ?

Black trousers - Forever 21 orange button down shirt - Off white Tommy Hilfiger sweater 
For me it has... and I won't complain it was a lot of fun.

Let's meet

... at Prince Street 

Black coat H&M

and then have brunch at Public.

Black jeans DKNT - Cashmere sweater - Roberto Cavalli black tote

Lets go to the MOMA and look around, 
lets be disappointed at the Diego Rivera exposition.
Lets walk in front of the H&M on 5th and pass the Versace for H&M collection
on the windows and don't even take a second look.

Lets run to the JP Morgan Library and make it on time before it closes.
Admire the books and wonder where the hidden stairs are..
Lets sit down and talk about our travels.

Lets finish the day at the Pershing Cafe in
front of Grand Central station.

Walk me to Grand Central and
wait with me for my train to leave.

Lets do this again.

Believe me

It's hard to believe.

Levis Jeans - Carven blue button down shirt - Papaya short sleeve white sweater - Bandolino boots.

Grand Central, Astor Place..
Walking Union Square saturday market, SOHO, Greenwich Village, Point Zero, South Street Seaport, Chinatown... 

I went to NY and did not take any pictures. 

H&M black coat
Just these.

La Riviera Cafe, Image via VirtualTourist

I guess I should have ...

I took a flight

I took a flight and went on vacation.
Levis Jeans - Black t shirt Daisy Fuentes - Billabong scarf wrap - Roberto Cavalli black tote bag
Sometimes you just need a vacation.

Ferré Rose

Ferre Rose.
I've had this fragrance for sometime and
until now I have decided to wear it.
Notes include peach, pomegrante, watermelon,
freesia amber and vanilla.
Its subtle. Its calming, reasurring and
can be worn from day to night.

For my personal taste it is too light and does
not last too long, so I just passed it on to someone
who might appreciate it a little more.

What do you do when there is a perfume you don't like ?
Do you wear it anyways ?
Do you layer it with another perfume to change the scent ?


Lately I have been a little lazy.
I have not been making an effort in getting dressed.
It has been more of a grab-n-go thing.

Black trousers - Black short sleeve jacket Rampage - Forever 21 rust lace shirt -
Black suede pumps Moleca - Roberto Cavalli black tote 


So I actually decided to surprise myself today and wear a suit.
Yes, I like to think I can still surprise myself. 
Don't you ?


My puffy shirt is
the best invention ever.

7 For All Mankind jeans - Beige puffy shirt - Zapatinho de Luxo beige flats

The puffy shirt is the one to go to
when the jeans are tight.

Do you have an equivalent of the puffy shirt ?


Imagine a day in your life where you
have waffles for every meal.

Black sweater no brand - Green jeans GX - Bandolino black sandals - Grey Arena Milano bag 

Yes, waffles for breakfast, waffles for lunch...

We are never to old to do the things we want.
Are we ?

Family lunch

How about a rainy Sunday for a family get together ?

Voyou jeans - Apostrophe fuchsia top - Payless shoes - Arena Milano grey bag 

My nail polish is Geranium by Essie

Sundays should be spent with family.
Sundays should be for creating memories.

Selina's shower

Quite a busy day
that ended with a friend's baby shower.

Voyou Jeans - Black tank top - Rust orange lace shirt Forever 21 - Alas black heels - 
Grey Arena Milano bag 

It was an informal setting so being comfortable
was the my main concern, specially so I could
play all the usual games.

 I did not have to crawl around this time, but I had to be prepared.

Lucky me I only had to eat baby food !

Green with envy

Have you tried it ?
Ok, not that kind of envy.

I am talking Green with envy nail polish color by Sally Hansen.
I have, I like it.
A friend gave it to me as a present after seeing a couple of
my crazy manicures.
I think a color like this, should be worn on short nails,
so you wear them like you mean it.

Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear "Green with Envy" dries SO FAST !
You apply two coats and you are good to go and I have to mention the brush.
The brush is fabulous ! It's huge but manageable and just makes application
so much simpler.

Finally, this color lasts through rough wear.
I had it for 3 days and with a touch up here and there it lasted a week.


"They laugh at me because I’m different; 
I laugh at them because they’re all the same."
— Kurt Cobain
DKNY black jeans - Panabrisa shirt - Nine West black and grey peep toe flats - Grey Arena Milano bag

Vintage turquoise pendant 

So, are you laughing or being laughed at ?

Dress with a story

I've owned this dress since I was about 10 years old.

Turquoise dress - Arena Milano grey bag - Lela Rose for Payless black peep toe shoes

It's made using a small stitching technique, a little like patchwork that
is usually done by local indians to dress the women in their group (here).
Image via

This one was hand made by my grandmother who is extremely
excited because I am wearing it over 20 years later.

She stored it in one of her many wooden trunks for years until
a few months ago I asked her if she still had it - happens she did.

I tried it on and it was tight on the arms and I could not pull it down.
A friend of hers worked her magic on it and now it fits.
(If you look closely you can see that the decoration on the sleeve and see extra fabric was added under the arms)
As you can only imagine, it seems I have not grown much 
since then :)

I think I can say that this is the oldest garment in my closet
that is mine that I still wear today.... 
How about you ?


Turn down that frown upside down !

Forever 21 trousers - Carven tank - Forever 21 orange button down - grey Qupid wedges - grey Arena Milano bag

Happy Wednesday !

Leather and lace

Leather and lace sound quite interesting.
But, don't get too excited.

Black t shirt Daisy Fuentes - Cinammon lace top Forever 21 top - Leather necklace Prüne Argentina 

There were too many people around for pictures so
this was all I was able to document for the outfit.

Just hate it when that happens...


It's so odd.
All day I felt like I was wearing a baby poop inspired outfit.
I did not love the colors.
I was not confident or that comfortable in it and could not
wait to get home and take it off and now that I see the pictures,
well, I like it.

Polo Ralph Lauren Trousers - Merona brown bow top - Michael Kors heels - Grey Arena Milano bag

Maybe the mirror lied or maybe it was the camera.


Back at the beginning of the year I searched
and searched for all things cinnamon.
All magazines had cinnamon color combinations and
I had to try them all.
I bought a belt, a few cardigans, shoes and even a bag-
all of which I had forgotten about.

White Calvin Klein button down shirt - Merona jean shorts - Qupid wedges in cinammon - Pagani cinnamon color bag
I only tried about three combinations and inspired by looks with the color and then just put them away in the closet to literally grow mold. Yes, mold.
But after a good clean... I took two of them out: the bag and the shoes.

Are there any colors or items from this year's "must haves" list
that you bought and then forgot about ?

Report card time

Were you a good student back in school ?
I was an average student.
Education can make such a difference, I am certain
that if you just look around you can see an example.
Maybe you are an example.

INC orange jumper - Forever 21 - Beige flats Zapatinho de Luxo - Arena Milano grey bag 

Back in July I decided I would help out some girls who were
not that committed to getting good grades - full post here.
The idea is to encourage these 3 girls, so they can get better grades
as they are flunking some classes and mostly have a C average.
So, report cards came in.

I was a little disappointed.
The eldest did not do so well, in fact if she doesn't get her act together
she will probably not pass on to the next grade.
Eimy, who is in sixth grade is failing one class and the little one
well, all of her grades went up. ALL OF THEM.
So, I want to think that maybe I was able to make a small difference.

Even though the only girl that did deserve a "prize" 
was the little one, I took all of them out on Saturday morning.
I did not think it was fair but I had somehow 
promised them this outing, however I did make very
clear that if anyone had a grade lower than a C, well
next time they could not come. 
This time around we went to the park, had breakfast,
went to the swimming pool, then to the old part of the city and
finally for ice cream.

I am encouraging for them to make an extra
effort to get their grades up ... we´ll just have to 
wait and see that next report card.