Back at the beginning of the year I searched
and searched for all things cinnamon.
All magazines had cinnamon color combinations and
I had to try them all.
I bought a belt, a few cardigans, shoes and even a bag-
all of which I had forgotten about.

White Calvin Klein button down shirt - Merona jean shorts - Qupid wedges in cinammon - Pagani cinnamon color bag
I only tried about three combinations and inspired by looks with the color and then just put them away in the closet to literally grow mold. Yes, mold.
But after a good clean... I took two of them out: the bag and the shoes.

Are there any colors or items from this year's "must haves" list
that you bought and then forgot about ?


Dale said...

I can't believe they grew mold, hehe. They look really nice clean, the heels are a great color. I've definitely done that, bought clothes or shoes I thought were cute and didn't wear or forgot about. I did that with a faux fur vest last year, I'm glad they're still in style. hehe

Thanks for stoppin by

LyddieGal said...

Glad you got your cinnamon on, and i hope you get a lot of use from the pieces this fall.

I hate it when my closet gets moldy. that is the worst.

Chic on the Cheap

Jenava said...

This color is very beautiful, esp. with the dark denim and white top.

I think I have been searching high and low for navy things but the truth is I don't wear it much. (-: