Hypnotica by Vertigo is the perfume 
currently sitting on my dresser.
I like to open and wear to the last drop 
my perfumes (I have been known to give them away half way through) 
- you will never see several bottles open at the same time - 
that's just freaky controlish me.

So, I have been using Hypnotica for a few weeks now and 
have received a few compliments.
The perfume (yes, not eau de toilette)  is a crisp fruity floral - 
so heaven like that you could absolutely do
no harm when wearing it :) 
It really makes me feel like I am just sitting on a cloud.
The marvels fragrances can do for you.....


Shybiker said...

Sounds nice. I'm going to the store this weekend to check it out.

Kathya Stryzak said...

Boa tarde Lore..ese no conocia..ahy que porbar no? besossss

drollgirl said...

this is quite the sales pitch! i want to smell it!

i have perfume samples everywhere. i tear them out of magazines, and try a sample or two every weekend. they are never quite right for me. EVER. my favorite scent was discontinued years ago, and i haven't found a suitable replacement. it is MADDENING. and, yes, i am so @#%^!&!* PICKY! :)