Closet edits of July

It seems like every month I buy more and don't take the 
time to get rid of the unwanted.
This month was no exception: 

I said goodbye to my Marc Jacobs wanna be bag purchased in April 2009.

Also said bye to my yellow Isaac Mizrahi for Target top.
I always needed a special bra to wear it with and there
was small tear.

Then there was this pearl and gold tone vintage

Black patent wedges from Nine West.
I love the shoes but they are scuffed and in some areas the patent rubbed off.
I filled it in with black marker, but if I can see it, anyone else can. 

So, I am just letting go. Painfully letting go.

Sooki design pants that I have to mail on to Jill at Spoils of Wear !

As you see, I did not get rid of many things.
I strive to do a big - BIG - closet raid before the year ends
so, I say...

In July I bought...

July has come to and end
and it is time to check out how much I spent
during this month.

Blue and white striped short dress no brand 5.99 USD  Dress no brand label  7.99 USD  Brown dress Esley brand 3.99 USD

Brown Zara dress on sale for 12.99 USD      Sweet Lady Navy blue and white striped long dress 10.99 USD   

5 dresses, of which 2 look a little a like.... wanna guess ?
Two t shirts... that I have already worn.

1.99 USD Zebra t shirt by Nina Firenze  Hang ten basic white t shirt 4.99 USD
5.99 USD Lizsport skirt
Brown Dockers shorts 1.99 USD
3.99 USD brown Skirt

Blue ruffle cardigan 3.99 USD   Black zipper jacket GO International Target 3.99 USD

Gold tone butterfly, heart and star necklace 2.99 USD
My total for this month is 76.90 USD.
Which is not that bad.
Quite honestly I thought I had spent a lot more !
Then again, there is always the question:

Did I need any of these items ?


I am a little shook up.
Today was a good day, eye opening and real.

Voyou Jeans - Black TommyHilfiger polo - Miz Mooz red flats
We have a young woman who is comes in once
a week on Saturdays to clean our apartment.
She is hard working, has a good character, is responsible and honest.
While preparing her something to eat I usually chat with her a little.
She told me a while back that she had 3 girls, all in school.
I am aware that she makes a huge effort to keep them there.
So, I told her a while back that I would like to see their
grades when the report cards came in.
Report cards came in and they are having a hard time, all in the C range.
I decided to try and give them a little motivation and all 4 of us went out today.
We did not do anything extraordinary.
It was so eye opening to see effort this woman
is making on raising these three girls.
She does cannot spend a lot of time with them because she
has several jobs to make ends get close - not even meet.
When we started talking on the possible things we could do
after the next report card came in, what came up were
things that all kids take for granted - this I know from my friends' kids.
Going to the pool.
Going to the movies.
Having a sleepover, watch a movie and have popcorn.
Going to the park.

I was just grateful to be able to spend the day with these
3 girls. I am thankful for them and I just hope they enjoyed the day too.

Happy and sad

Can one actually be 
happy and sad at the same time ?
Let me explain. 
(prepare for a long post)
January 2010 I practically stalked 
this nice lady so she would sell me her car.
You see, I saw her from the window in my office 
in this nice little Volkswagen
I would always look at it and say 
"Someday I'll buy that car from her".
Called her up one day and asked her if
she was going to sell her car, happens she was.
So I bought it.

I was 7 and it was Christmas all over again !
Meaning I was just so happy and excited.
Those two adjectives I very rarely describe myself as, 
I am saying this so you can picture how thrilled I was
to buy my dream car.
Then the nightmare began.
I decided to take it to the Volkswagen dealer to have it checked.
The result was a quote where I needed to have about 1,053.19 USD done in repairs which included a window mechanism. GULP.
I decided to do the basics which added up to 111.17 USD.
Seemed reasonable.
A few days later I went back to get other stuff done, that bill was 464.69 USD.
So I am thinking ok, I just bought this car and in less than 10 days have spent  575.86 USD in repairs but, it's just to get it running smoothly and that should be it.
After that, all I had to do was fix the window mechanism but I refused to pay
over 500.00 USD for that part.
Door and window mechanism fully exposed.
I could not use the "convertible" part of the car (soft top down) because the window was damaged.
So, I looked around and found a place that could fix, instead of replace the part. 
So, there I shed 160.00 USD more.
Now, in a matter of 3 months I had spent a total of 735.86 USD on repairs in my new-to-me car.
SO VERY CUTE ! I felt like a doll driving this car.

Also the cd player was not working. I ignored it. 
So in April I find that the car would not start.
Time for a battery change !
146.11 USD more.
In 4 months = 881.97 USD
Then the "check engine" light was turned on.
Oh, and did I forget to tell you about the airbag light on the dashboard ?
Yes, for a moment there the dashboard looked like a lit Christmas tree.
(see below)
However it was not a joyful moment.

Then the air conditioner.
It was not cooling well. Actually just not cooling.
I had it looked at and 35.00 USD later I am told 
that the evaporator needs to be replaced.
Shed out 500.00 USD more.

Comes July and my window mechanism dies (yet again).
I take it back and pay 120.00 USD.
It dies again and I pay 60.00 USD.
So it's September 2010 and my repairs are adding up to 
1,596.97 USD.
I take it to have the soft top checked, costs 40.00 USD 
(after I practically cry for a discount) and while in the shop
they break my tail light while changing a light bulb.
(they replaced the tail light)
The bulb was 34.88 USD
Then my (driver's) window mechanism dies.
So up to date: 1,671.85 USD
Then the soft top had to be repaired,
some minor gluing was billed to me at 331.27 USD
2,003.12 USD
Then another damn light bulb !
and more repairs
850.96 USD
giving me a
total of
2,889.13 USD
then something else
42.31 USD
2,931.44 USD

I decided to sell it sometime after the 2,000.00 USD were spent.
People interested called me every other day, but nobody was buying it.
I had all sorts of things happen, such as someone trying to get a date out of it.
Anyways, add all the time I wasted waiting around
for the car to be repaired. Catching taxis, asking for rides
and walking.
And all the crying and beating myself up for buying the car.
My dream was stomped on.
Oh ! also throw in the two parking tickets that I had to pay 
that belonged to the previous owner.
SO, after almost 3,000.00 USD in repairs in 
only one year and a half.....
I sold the SOAB.

It was my dream car.

These days, I am just a pedestrian.

Note to self: I am writing this post to remind me of all the crap I went through with the lovely little beetle. As I write it, I am actually sad that I sold it. However I am also happy that I found someone to buy it from me at 15% less than I had hoped to sell it for. 

Waiting for my ride

Today I was up earlier than usual
as I had to catch a ride to work.

Seven for All Mankind jeans - Merona black top - Natural Exchange flower blazer - Black flats from Greece

I could have walked but, why would I if
I could get a ride ?

Shot style copied from the lovely girls at Sisters and Dresses !

Because I am: lazy.


I don't know what is going on!
I am writing posts and then I just delete them and
start all over. I just did. So, if you get to read this
it just means that I didn't delete it.

Da Moda jean skirt - Merona brown tie top - Liz Claiborne leather belt (super old) - Zapatinho de Luxo shoes 

I am so glad nobody is "grading" my blog content because today,
I would probably be called out as lacking imagination.

                                                                 Vintage ring 

I just think that I am all over the place and not paying attention
or concentrating on anything because I am leaving for vacations next week and I have so much stuff going on and I need to make sure many things are taken
care of before I can get on that plane !

Listography Wednesday

I am almost there.

Almost, all caught up in Listography.
Listography is learning and sharing about yourself by
simply making lists...
It's supposed to be one list every Wednesday.
Since I am catching up, you get a bonus:
several lists in one day.

List your favorite foods and things to find at a BBQ.
- Hamburgers 
- Cheese, lots of it - so I can pile them on my burger.
- Stuffed potatoes, the more butter and sour cream the merrier.
- No beer whatsoever
- Friends to chat with

 List some ideas for trimming back your budget.

- Going to the farmer's market for lower prices.
- Avoid visiting malls at all costs, 
that way you won't be tempted to  buy more things you don't need.
- Avoid eating out. 

List some things you want for your home and kitchen.

- I want to organize my kitchen. 
Seems like every cabinet I open is just full and disorganized.
- Clean the fridge. Will someone do it for me ?
- I need to paint one, just ONE living room wall.
- Need to get someone who can work gypsum boards to do my balcony ceiling
- Replace windows in my room
- Throw down two walls and 
OMG.... I have so much to do. 
I just realized that I better start doing stuff ! 

List your biggest moments in pain.
- Deaths: my grandfather , my uncle.

Sooki time!

Sooki designs is the brand of these pants.
They seem vintage but they are not.
Since I bought them I have worn them 3 times.
Today is the third, third and last.

Sooki designs trousers - White Hang Ten t shirt - Out Collection Jean jacket - Qupid grey wedges

I love the fabric and the pattern but I do not seem to sport them well 
and honestly I do not feel comfortable in them.
Part of a garments appreciation is not only how it fits, 
but how it makes you feel.

So, last time I wore these pants Jill from Spoils of Wear 
said she'd take them if I were to pass them on. 
Well Jill, if you are still interested  - 
let me know and I will be sending them your way ! 


This is the my third try writing this post.
The first time I was writing about how I almost never
wear red lipstick and then I deleted it and started to 
tell you about the man in the picture behind me, my great grandfather.

Banana Republic trousers - Brown turtleneck chinese brand - Melissa shoes - silver necklace - garnet and silver earrings
Then I deleted that post too.
I guess I have my mind on my upcoming vacation.
So, bear with me please ?

Happy Tuesday !


Unlike most days, today I have to
attend some meetings outside of the office,
which I guess is nice for a change.

Twenty One dress - Fergalicious nude pumps - turquoise tank top - Vintage pendant 

I must admit I prefer staying in.
That way I avoid the rain, finding a 
parking and of course - the traffic.

On the positive side, it's just for today. 

Clear skies

We have been getting tons of rain,
so for a change, it was nice to see the clear blue skies...
Levis jeans - Tommy Hilfiger black polo -
Nine West black patent wedges - Kenneth Cole Bag

So, why not take a nice stroll on the waterfront to admire the sky.
Let me say that again:
"Take a nice stroll wearing comfortable flats - on the waterfront to admire the sky  !"

Stuck up

Stuck up.
I hate that word, in fact I have not said it in so long, 
it's almost like I am back in high school.

White shorts Solutions - Nicola Black, white and yellow top - Kenneth Cole Bag


Informal conceited, arrogant, or snobbish
stuck-upness  n

For some reason, that is the first
impression some people get when they meet me - 
and then they have told me about it:
"Oh, I thought you were so stuck up"
happens that those that have said it to me
today are amongst my best friends.

Talk about giving the wrong impression.

How about you ?
What impression do people get when they meet you ?

Hypnotik pink

In case you wondered... or not -
this week I have been wearing Sally Hansen's 
Hard as Nails polish, this one is called 
Hypnotic Pink.

Dries fast and two thick coats are enough
to provide a good coverage.
The color has a nice pearl like finish and
I had it on for about days until it began to chip,
which is pretty good for someone who
does the dishes.... once in a while !


Or at least I thought I was.
I was dressed and ready to take my pictures before
running out the door to go to work.

Levi's Jeans - Merona pink cowl neck - Qupid grey wedges

So I take a picture without a jacket and then 
this happened:

It looked awful !
( i was smiling because i thought it looked good)
SO, I went back to the closet....

I did not have time to start the whole thing over 
so I just went back and forth for different jackets, cardis, blazers....

Nothing looked good.
I started taking one picture with each item and then when I looked
I realized I began not liking the shoes either.
Then I didn't like the jeans, then the pink cowl neck.
I wasn't "ready".
By then I did not have enough time to do anything else, 
so, I just grabbed another jacket.

I still don't like it.
I don't know what it was... maybe it was the bag ?!

Whatever it was, I am just happy it is Friday.