Listography Wednesday

I am almost there.

Almost, all caught up in Listography.
Listography is learning and sharing about yourself by
simply making lists...
It's supposed to be one list every Wednesday.
Since I am catching up, you get a bonus:
several lists in one day.

List your favorite foods and things to find at a BBQ.
- Hamburgers 
- Cheese, lots of it - so I can pile them on my burger.
- Stuffed potatoes, the more butter and sour cream the merrier.
- No beer whatsoever
- Friends to chat with

 List some ideas for trimming back your budget.

- Going to the farmer's market for lower prices.
- Avoid visiting malls at all costs, 
that way you won't be tempted to  buy more things you don't need.
- Avoid eating out. 

List some things you want for your home and kitchen.

- I want to organize my kitchen. 
Seems like every cabinet I open is just full and disorganized.
- Clean the fridge. Will someone do it for me ?
- I need to paint one, just ONE living room wall.
- Need to get someone who can work gypsum boards to do my balcony ceiling
- Replace windows in my room
- Throw down two walls and 
OMG.... I have so much to do. 
I just realized that I better start doing stuff ! 

List your biggest moments in pain.
- Deaths: my grandfather , my uncle.

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