In July I bought...

July has come to and end
and it is time to check out how much I spent
during this month.

Blue and white striped short dress no brand 5.99 USD  Dress no brand label  7.99 USD  Brown dress Esley brand 3.99 USD

Brown Zara dress on sale for 12.99 USD      Sweet Lady Navy blue and white striped long dress 10.99 USD   

5 dresses, of which 2 look a little a like.... wanna guess ?
Two t shirts... that I have already worn.

1.99 USD Zebra t shirt by Nina Firenze  Hang ten basic white t shirt 4.99 USD
5.99 USD Lizsport skirt
Brown Dockers shorts 1.99 USD
3.99 USD brown Skirt

Blue ruffle cardigan 3.99 USD   Black zipper jacket GO International Target 3.99 USD

Gold tone butterfly, heart and star necklace 2.99 USD
My total for this month is 76.90 USD.
Which is not that bad.
Quite honestly I thought I had spent a lot more !
Then again, there is always the question:

Did I need any of these items ?


Judy C said...

You needed them if you wanted them. I have a few things I don't wear or use but just having them makes me happy.

Sheila said...

I love that black zippered jacket! You have a great eye for items, Lorena!