Yes, you have read the tittle correctly: Peptobismol.
That is what my H called me this morning.

Black sweater - Printed pants Sooki designs trousers - Kenneth Cole black wedges - Burgundy bag
Then he tried to "fix" it if that is what you want to call it, 
by calling me Katie Perry.

I actually picked these pants to wear as I am trying them out.
I have worn them only once before and was not to happy with the results.
They are very low at the waist and cut me up.

Vintage Mexican silver pendant/pin (gift from grandma)

Today I tried Lydia's recommendation: 
adding a dark top to these granny like pants.

I think they look a little better than last time and 
I am even considering in wearing them with a white t shirt and
a jean jacket....

So, tell me the truth: what do you think about these pants ?

Oh, and the "green room" that many of you have been kind enough to
compliment, is actually my grandma's living room :)


Kathya Stryzak said...

Buen dia Lore..lindo lindo pantalon rosita!!

Style Journey said...

Oh I love these pants! I like the black paired with the pink. The print is great and I love the white border detail on the pockets

Have you tried the bold colors paired yet? Maybe yellow or a cobalt blue? Or something camel colored?

Lupe said...

Loving the pants girl :)
great pin/neclace you have there.
Thanks for your comment sweetheart,
enter my giveaway?

Love x

Lorena said...

Lovely pants!
Thanks for visit my blog!

drollgirl said...

i love the necklace!

and the print on the pant is very cool. i think i would love that print as a blouse or skirt! or a sundress!

Carly said...

Love that necklace....what a great find.
i am digging the retro feel of the pants...very pretty..and FUN..looks great but I think I would like it w white and denim better too!

Tiffany said...

Haha!! Men! I swear, mine has learned not to comment on what I'm wearing. And when I ask him for advice, he gets this deer in the headlights look, like he's going to mess up somehow. lol

I actually LOVE those pink pants! And I think they'd look fab with a white tee and denim jacket!

Sheila said...

I love the colour of the pants...maybe not the style so much. The white piping at the hips accentuates them. I wish they were an A-line skirt instead.

Your grandma has fabulous taste! I see where you get it from! :)

Anonymous said...

Lorena - I am going to be honest...check out my post and you will see how honest B was with me today!

I am not loving the colour of the pants and the piping around the pockets.

I do like the idea of pants in a vibrant colour but I feel like red might be better? You look gorgeous as always and that necklace is beautiful.

~ Ad

Emma said...

I LOVE these pants! They are so fun and unique! I also Love the green room! I love colorful homes. They are so vibrant and happy.

Kristen said...

The color and print of the pants is pretty cool, but I don't love the porkchop style pockets or the piping around them. They're definitely more casual pants -- try them with a white top and a straw bag next time!

Frannie Pantz said...

Those pants are really cute! I love the pockets on them! And your puppy dog is adorable! Hope you enjoy/enjoyed your vaca! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

Jilliebeanie said...

The pants are awesome. Are they vintage? They look like it, but the low rise part is confusing. Either way, I'd wear those babies in a heartbeat. Feel free to pass them on if you decide against them (wink).

la la said...

the white piping on the pockets is very unflattering on your hips.