February closet editions

During February I focused on editing tops.

Black Da Moda tank top worn 18 times, taking cost per wear to 0.42 cents, it began to fall apart. En Creme rose print top worn 4 times, I was never happy with the fit, CWP was about 0.90 cents. A Zara silk red, black and white ruffle top, wore it recently and after hand wash it also began to fall apart.
Green seersucker George brand blazer, not long enough and I was just tired of it, worn at least eight times. Red Via Vai cardigan like kimono or kimono like cardigan, worn just three times in over 6 years, I did not feel comfortable in it as it hit right above the waist and I also saw it had a small tear.Yellow, grey and white print top, my bra strap kept showing and I barely wore it. 

White Calvin Klein linen skirt has been around since 2010 and its been worn just 4 times, mostly on weekends for going to the beach. It felt too short the last time I wore it discovered a stain and a small hole, so it's more than enough reasons to let go ! Finally, black flats from Sam Edelman, these date to July 2013 and have an average CPW of 2.00 USD, worn at least 56 times, they were really beat up.

Eight items in one month is not much, I need to step up my game.

Additions to the closet: February

As I am in a 3 month shopping ban, I have not purchased anything but, something did come into the closet ;) 
Even though my birthday was last month I continue receiving presents from friends, like this matte gold tone and blue earrings and necklace set from Parfois. I've been wearing the earrings on their own as together I feel its too much.
That's it, my February closet addition. 

Get your own pair of earrings:

Houndstooth print bag found

Off white v neck sweater Tommy Hilfiger, similar in Merino wool under 30.00 USD here - DKNY jeans - Emerald green velvet loafers Zara, fabulous colourful options here, here and grey here under 20.00 USD - 
Evil eye necklace Anne Klein similar here 

As I looked for an evening handbag to wear for an upcoming wedding I came across a black and brown houndstooth print handbag. Its been around for at least 8 years and I could not find a single post where it's been worn. It has no brand, it's lightweight, the size is ideal and it has my favourite print: houndstooth. So, I'll be building my outfits around it for the next couple of days. For today I have to admit I didn't like the outcome, but there's always tomorrow.
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Houndstooth print handbags:

Wearing a cartoon character item to work

We all have a child that lives inside us, a child that strives to survive and that growing up and daily life take a toll on. In my case, that child loves characters such as Happy Bunny and Hello Kitty. When I come across an item that has one of these characters that I like it is often I re think the purchase as I ask myself if its "age or place appropriate" and if I could get away with wearing it. After trial and error here are some tips on getting away with wearing a cartoon character item to work.

1. Quality. If you are going to buy an item you plan on wearing that has a cartoon character, it has to be of good quality. Wether it's a skirt, handbag, earrings or a necklace, be willing to carefully look at fabric, cut and materials used in the making of the item and be willing to invest in a pricier item.  Also if shape of the original item is a classic, your odds at pulling it off increase. For example, will you be wearing a Hello Kitty on your neck ? How about going for Swarovksi, choosing silver or gold ?
2. Wear one item at the time. Ok, so you have several characters you love or multiple items with the same character, do not, I repeat do not wear them at the same time. One, wear just one of them. Discretion is your friend, you do not want to look like you just exited a comics convention. 

3. Go extremes when wearing print. This, meaning go extra large or go miniscule. For example, you come across a top you like that has a big Homer head in colourful shiny polyester, run the other direction. If its going to be big it has to look qualitative, how about embroidered or sequinned ? Take a look at the pink top on the left, it has an extra large Hello Kitty face in black sequin, did you notice it at first glance ? If you don't like extra large, well you can always go for smaller prints. Choose a fabric with the same image repeated over and over, see picture on the right, it looks like a pattern from afar but when you look at it up close you find multiple Hello Kitties. 
4. Keep the color scheme subtle. 
5. Stay away from tee shirts.
6. No names. Stick with the character itself and not the name, so stay away anything that reads "The Muppets", "The Smurfs" and such, specially if these are bold and extra large.

7. Discretion. One of the tricks of pulling this off is discretion, so don't mention it and let the clothes do the talking or more like the whispering for you. Like this black and white bomber jacket.

8. Dress it up. If you've chosen to wear a garment with a cartoon character it has to look professional, remember we are talking that you're wearing it to work. Add pearls, add heels and combine it with classics. 

9. Accessories. If you have never worn cartoon character items to work, accessories are the best way to give this a try, always considering as mentioned in #1, quality ! and avoid plastic at all costs when it comes to earrings, pins, bags, necklaces. I made one exception here when it comes to plastic and cartoon characters, I've come to terms with smaller items in specific locations, such as wearing it on you hair or even sunglasses. The sunglasses I must admit are pushing it a bit ;) Mine for example, are bright and have a bow on the side of the frame. 

10. Tastefully. My last recommendation is to stay away from tacky and offensive.

Finally, I'm not perfect but believe that every day you are given an opportunity to be a better version of yourself. My recommendations are the result of my very own trial and errors ;) 

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Equestrian print skirt

Blue print skirt Zara - White button down shirt Forever 21 - Nude pumps Sam Edelman - See by Chloe tote similar here 

This equestrian blue print skirt always reminds me of those brands that are inspired by that sport. Last night as I was trying to put together an outfit for a meeting I suddenly reached for this 2010 era skirt which had not been worn in several years. Even though it was too big then, I bought it because I loved the silk fabric, print and pockets, today I am just grateful that it fits.

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Blue skirts:

The Serengetis

Image via ebay
The Serengetis were my first pair. 
I was in my first or second year of college when I got my first pair of "grown up sunglasses". Odd to think nowadays its the item I do not leave home without.
I wore the round Serengeti drivers for years. These were lost during an afternoon beach walk. When retracing my steps to recover them I found myself in a bad place as the tide had risen and I could not get back, in fact if I recall correctly I had to be literally rescued. 
Many moons have passed since then and while my Serengetis are no longer around others have become part of my every day wear:

1. Forever 21 on line purchase, the round frame sunnies, similar under 20.00 USD here.

2. Black frames no brand.

3. Red shades Chanel look a likes, have been with me for over ten years, I bought them in Aruba.

4. Brown large sunglasses Michael Kors, I have a love-hate relationship with them, almost identical here.

5. Teal sunglasses by Kenneth Cole Reaction, I wear these to death.

6. Off white square sunglasses, no brand, thought I'd wear them more when I bought them.

7.  Huge purple sunglasses from the Dollar Store, nobody believes I bought them there. Other purple frames here.

8. Aviators with Tous like bears from a trip to NYC a few years ago.

9. Hello Kitty bow sunglasses, were a gift. 

10. Red sunglasses, no brand - in fact I think they might be a promotional item. I wear them regardless. 

11. Jones New York black sunglasses purchased years ago in Washington D.C. Yes, I know, they are so dated !

12. Mint sunglasses, no brand, they might be from the Dollar Store too. Similar mint shades here.

13. Velvet Sunglasses from Swell. For less than 20.00 USD these are fab.

14. Black super old tiny round Esprit sunglasses. So dated too. Modern Esprit sunglasses here.

15. Black vintage Escada sunglasses over ten years old. Other Escada beauties here.


16. Brown Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses, I've certainly gotten my money's worth here, I wear them to death.

17. Black and blue Prada like sunglasses. The real thing here.

18. Burgundy square sunglasses from the Dollar Store. Check out the Pucci version here.

19. White mother of pearl like sunglasses from Kate Spade. Identical ones here for a fraction of what I paid !

20.  Tinted sunglasses from Gucci, check out similar ones here. But, I paid less for them !

21. Brown Roberto Cavalli sunglasses with snake motives on the side. Similar Cavallis here.

22.  Black Prada Baroques, identical ones here for less than I paid.
So when I say sunglasses are one of my style signifiers, they really are. However after putting together this post I realised that even staples need editing, besides I don't need 22 pairs. 

Fun Shades (specially the velvet frames):

Over Over Overalls

MNG Mango blue overalls, similar under 40.00 USD here - Button down shirt Polo Ralph Lauren, similar here and here
Bee Happy Blue loafers C. Wonder, identical in tan here and other cool ones here and here Birds and Bees !
White "Jackie O" hobo handbag vintage Gucci in brown here, black here and GG Canvas here

If you're new around here you probably think I only wear overalls, as in my last posts I wear them over an over. I promise I don't, I wear other stuff too. However lately they seem to be on hand, or more likely I want to wear them a few times before I throw them into the washing machine. 

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Summer Bloom

Jeans DKNY similar  - White top Zara, similar by Chloe here - Black flats Sam Edelman, similar - Black bag Tous 
These days being outside for more than twenty minutes is quite a feat. Temperatures are ranging from 32 to 36 with a 57% humidity, I can say that summer is in full bloom. 

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White tops to keep you cool:

The Backwards Blouse

MNG Mango blue overalls, similar - White bell sleeve blouse Stradivarius - Black flats Sam Edelman - Black bag Tous

While in Nicaragua, suddenly my schedule opened up and I had time off to wonder around Managua. As I got ready to do that I realised all of my clothes had been worn. So I went to my Stradivarius ruffle or bell sleeve top (here) and decided to re wear it, this time backwards for a more relaxed look, rolled the sleeves as much as I could and headed for the streets. 
Even though on line it says that there is not much to see in Managua I beg to differ as there is plenty to do and see in a day. On the right side of the blog you can check out my Instagram feed and have a glimpse of this city.   

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Similar overalls under 30.00 USD:

Peek a boo sleeves

Black blazer: Theory, similar Theory blazers here, here and in velvet here 
Grey trousers Red Valentino, identical here and here, almost identical here, both waaaay cheaper than I bought mine for !
Plumeti or Swiss dot white bell sleeve top Stradivarius - Black bag Tous - Black patent shoes Zara 

You've seen the trend: bell sleeves peeking or more like flowing out of jackets and blazer sleeves. I tried it and I liked it but I must admit it was not very functional. 
During my business meeting the sleeves kept getting in the way as I typed in my computer, they also got in the way when writing and I won't even tell you about the adventure it was to eat while wearing them... all I can say is that all surfaces my bell sleeves touched were wiped clean. 

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Blazer and Overalls

Black overalls Zara similar under 30.00 USD here - Red tee shirt - Black blazer Theory - Black flats Sam Edelman -
Black bag Tous

It's not déjà vu, yesterday I wore an almost identical outfit. Happens I've been attending a set of outdoor activities where even though I have to do rock climbing and such, I still need to get there "looking sharp". What makes this look different to yesterday's is that this overall is black and instead of wearing a white tee shirt, I wore a red one - same Theory blazer of course. I have to admit it was the perfect choice. 

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