February closet editions

During February I focused on editing tops.

Black Da Moda tank top worn 18 times, taking cost per wear to 0.42 cents, it began to fall apart. En Creme rose print top worn 4 times, I was never happy with the fit, CWP was about 0.90 cents. A Zara silk red, black and white ruffle top, wore it recently and after hand wash it also began to fall apart.
Green seersucker George brand blazer, not long enough and I was just tired of it, worn at least eight times. Red Via Vai cardigan like kimono or kimono like cardigan, worn just three times in over 6 years, I did not feel comfortable in it as it hit right above the waist and I also saw it had a small tear.Yellow, grey and white print top, my bra strap kept showing and I barely wore it. 

White Calvin Klein linen skirt has been around since 2010 and its been worn just 4 times, mostly on weekends for going to the beach. It felt too short the last time I wore it discovered a stain and a small hole, so it's more than enough reasons to let go ! Finally, black flats from Sam Edelman, these date to July 2013 and have an average CPW of 2.00 USD, worn at least 56 times, they were really beat up.

Eight items in one month is not much, I need to step up my game.


Oh to Be a Muse said...

It seems like you're getting a lot of good wear out of your Sam Edelmans though.

Silvia Negretti said...

So many cute pieces!!!
May fav is that red ruffled top! :D

Sheila said...

Those are some good eliminations, though, good for you! Wow, great wear on the shoes!