The Serengetis

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The Serengetis were my first pair. 
I was in my first or second year of college when I got my first pair of "grown up sunglasses". Odd to think nowadays its the item I do not leave home without.
I wore the round Serengeti drivers for years. These were lost during an afternoon beach walk. When retracing my steps to recover them I found myself in a bad place as the tide had risen and I could not get back, in fact if I recall correctly I had to be literally rescued. 
Many moons have passed since then and while my Serengetis are no longer around others have become part of my every day wear:

1. Forever 21 on line purchase, the round frame sunnies, similar under 20.00 USD here.

2. Black frames no brand.

3. Red shades Chanel look a likes, have been with me for over ten years, I bought them in Aruba.

4. Brown large sunglasses Michael Kors, I have a love-hate relationship with them, almost identical here.

5. Teal sunglasses by Kenneth Cole Reaction, I wear these to death.

6. Off white square sunglasses, no brand, thought I'd wear them more when I bought them.

7.  Huge purple sunglasses from the Dollar Store, nobody believes I bought them there. Other purple frames here.

8. Aviators with Tous like bears from a trip to NYC a few years ago.

9. Hello Kitty bow sunglasses, were a gift. 

10. Red sunglasses, no brand - in fact I think they might be a promotional item. I wear them regardless. 

11. Jones New York black sunglasses purchased years ago in Washington D.C. Yes, I know, they are so dated !

12. Mint sunglasses, no brand, they might be from the Dollar Store too. Similar mint shades here.

13. Velvet Sunglasses from Swell. For less than 20.00 USD these are fab.

14. Black super old tiny round Esprit sunglasses. So dated too. Modern Esprit sunglasses here.

15. Black vintage Escada sunglasses over ten years old. Other Escada beauties here.


16. Brown Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses, I've certainly gotten my money's worth here, I wear them to death.

17. Black and blue Prada like sunglasses. The real thing here.

18. Burgundy square sunglasses from the Dollar Store. Check out the Pucci version here.

19. White mother of pearl like sunglasses from Kate Spade. Identical ones here for a fraction of what I paid !

20.  Tinted sunglasses from Gucci, check out similar ones here. But, I paid less for them !

21. Brown Roberto Cavalli sunglasses with snake motives on the side. Similar Cavallis here.

22.  Black Prada Baroques, identical ones here for less than I paid.
So when I say sunglasses are one of my style signifiers, they really are. However after putting together this post I realised that even staples need editing, besides I don't need 22 pairs. 

Fun Shades (specially the velvet frames):


Johanna Grange said...

Love #6 - the bigger, the better!

backinstyle said...

Sunglasses heaven! I am coveting those mother of pearl look Kate Spade's!

LyddieGal said...

So many fun pairs! I had a similar white pair for a time - thought I'd wear them more and eventually gave them to a friend, though I somehow doubt they found a better home with her (she misplaces EVERYTHING haha)
Chic on the Cheap

Natalie Sampson said...

First person I know that shares this obsession! Sunglasses are always a must, especially in Panama. Number 18 was my favorite!