Wearing a cartoon character item to work

We all have a child that lives inside us, a child that strives to survive and that growing up and daily life take a toll on. In my case, that child loves characters such as Happy Bunny and Hello Kitty. When I come across an item that has one of these characters that I like it is often I re think the purchase as I ask myself if its "age or place appropriate" and if I could get away with wearing it. After trial and error here are some tips on getting away with wearing a cartoon character item to work.

1. Quality. If you are going to buy an item you plan on wearing that has a cartoon character, it has to be of good quality. Wether it's a skirt, handbag, earrings or a necklace, be willing to carefully look at fabric, cut and materials used in the making of the item and be willing to invest in a pricier item.  Also if shape of the original item is a classic, your odds at pulling it off increase. For example, will you be wearing a Hello Kitty on your neck ? How about going for Swarovksi, choosing silver or gold ?
2. Wear one item at the time. Ok, so you have several characters you love or multiple items with the same character, do not, I repeat do not wear them at the same time. One, wear just one of them. Discretion is your friend, you do not want to look like you just exited a comics convention. 

3. Go extremes when wearing print. This, meaning go extra large or go miniscule. For example, you come across a top you like that has a big Homer head in colourful shiny polyester, run the other direction. If its going to be big it has to look qualitative, how about embroidered or sequinned ? Take a look at the pink top on the left, it has an extra large Hello Kitty face in black sequin, did you notice it at first glance ? If you don't like extra large, well you can always go for smaller prints. Choose a fabric with the same image repeated over and over, see picture on the right, it looks like a pattern from afar but when you look at it up close you find multiple Hello Kitties. 
4. Keep the color scheme subtle. 
5. Stay away from tee shirts.
6. No names. Stick with the character itself and not the name, so stay away anything that reads "The Muppets", "The Smurfs" and such, specially if these are bold and extra large.

7. Discretion. One of the tricks of pulling this off is discretion, so don't mention it and let the clothes do the talking or more like the whispering for you. Like this black and white bomber jacket.

8. Dress it up. If you've chosen to wear a garment with a cartoon character it has to look professional, remember we are talking that you're wearing it to work. Add pearls, add heels and combine it with classics. 

9. Accessories. If you have never worn cartoon character items to work, accessories are the best way to give this a try, always considering as mentioned in #1, quality ! and avoid plastic at all costs when it comes to earrings, pins, bags, necklaces. I made one exception here when it comes to plastic and cartoon characters, I've come to terms with smaller items in specific locations, such as wearing it on you hair or even sunglasses. The sunglasses I must admit are pushing it a bit ;) Mine for example, are bright and have a bow on the side of the frame. 

10. Tastefully. My last recommendation is to stay away from tacky and offensive.

Finally, I'm not perfect but believe that every day you are given an opportunity to be a better version of yourself. My recommendations are the result of my very own trial and errors ;) 

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Courtney Erin said...

I LOVE this post --- mostly because I have a thing for Hello Kitty as well and it's only within the last 6 or so years that I stopped incorporating little touches of her into my daily wardrobe. Your points are all spot on.

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

Aria Di Bari said...

Oh i loved your tips, you wore those cartoons character items pefectly!


Black Dress Inspiration said...

Es verdad que todos tenemos un niño dentro porque a mi también me gustan esos pequeños detalles aun siendo adulta


Sheila said...

These are great tips - well done on all the subtle Hello Kitty logos! I'm doing my Star Trek pin today - like you, it's about keeping it classy!

Anonymous said...

Luckily I can wear what I want as I work for myself, but I love how you use little accessories like jewellery and hair pins, or prints on your clothes. Such a clever idea!

Raindrops of Sapphire

LyddieGal said...

your secret hello kittys are so cute. I love the allover print blouse.
Chic on the Cheap

Girl and Closet said...

Love your whimsical touches and tips... so true quality makes all the difference!! xo


Óscar Palomares said...

¡Hola, Lorena! Pues hay que tener mucho estilo y saber estar para llevar un personaje de dibujos animados en un look "serio" de trabajo... Cosas que, evidentemente, a ti te sobran. Me ha encantado la chaqueta en blanco y negro con Hello Kitty! hehehe

Un beso,
Le Style et Moi

Mica T said...

These are good tips! The last cartoon character thing I had in my wardrobe I never wore - bought it (it was a tee) as I thought it was funny but I never felt right wearing it so I ended up selling it. To someone who wanted it for their kid, an age group that was much more suitable. I do confess to having some cartoon character pyjamas, but no-one sees them!

Hope you are having a great week! Happy International Women's Day! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Laura Bambrick said...

These are great tips! I love the Hello Kitty clothing items you have worn! You have definitely worn them tastefully! You look chic in each and every one!

Magdalena Ścierska Minimalissmo said...

I dont like cartoon character items, I like classic, so... But I have Hello Kitti t-shirt, honestly I like it, it is cute, but this single item is enough to me :) Never use to work!!! It is good for holiday.