New in October

Harriet Tote bag See by Chloe 128.36 USD. It's an odd color I love. 
Thrifted vintage Salvatore Ferragamo grey bag for 37.44 USD
Pull & Bear "Bite Back" collar white button down 32.06 USD
Green velvet loafers Zara, 32.06 USD

Black pull up jeggings Levis, hemming included for 15.70 USD.
Tailoring of a red vintage  pant/dress, recently worn to a wedding for 15.00 USD

Total 260.62 USD 

October closet edits

Here we go again, another month of closet edits: Blue trousers by Sculpture, were not working anymore, asymmetrical scarf print top from Zara collar stretched and could not be repaired:(. Purple and white polka dot top by Sawary the elastic also stretched but I did not care much for this top.

Burgundy flower and butterfly Bandolino print heels and Lela Rose for Payless green heels were no longer in good shape and they had very little recent wear. 
My grey flats which I loved had stretched as I walked into a puddle of water. Sheila recommended I soak them so maybe they would shrink back (a superb idea) however they did not.

Just 6 items in October.
What was the last item you gave away?


Salt works jeans - Blue boat neck top Charter Club - Red sandals Zara - Grey vintage bag Salvatore Ferragamo -
White and blue handkerchieves as belt 
As you may or may not have noticed I've been hunting for new locations to take pictures. This, without it having to go out of my way, so far, parkings are my best option.

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5 reasons to thrift

My first thrift ever was a bright fuchsia back pack, I was in the seventh grade. I recall the thrift shop, it was well lit and had aisles and aisles of products. I've seen a lot of thrift shops, consignment stores and flea markets since then.
Most of my friends are not thrifters, the fact is I have some that even look down on it. A short time ago while traveling with a friend, I suggested we enter a second hand shop and she could not believe it. She questioned why in the land of malls (we were in the US) I wanted to go to a store that had used clothing. She just shrugged and said "Ugggh, I don't want to go in there". What I never understood was, why ? I mean I know first hand that like me, while growing up she had hand-me-downs either from her sisters or from relatives - what was the difference in her head, I will never know. 

Anyways, a few weeks ago I was talking to the owner of a consignment store and I told her about my friend, we both laughed and agreed on one thing: She had no idea what she is missing out of. Now, if you are like my friend, here a just 5 reasons why you should thrift at least once in your life:

1. No twins: Running into someone wearing the same garment is minimised if not totally eliminated.
2. Quality: Odds are that you will find garments of better quality than what is in stores right now.
3. Budget: Most second hand stores are super affordable and if you're lucky like me designer items can be found at superb prices.
4. Surprise: The element of surprise, meaning you really, truly never know what you will find. 
5. Learning experience: While thrifting you learn about styles, fabrics, designers, union labels, cuts, sizing... If you find something interesting or unknown to you: google it. You'll be amazed.

One last thing: it's slow fashion: the deliberate choice to buy better-quality items less often. Environmentally friendly and ethically conscious.

So are you a second hand shopper or are you like my friend ; ? 


Red Valentino white jeans - Sawary lavender polka dot  top - Grey bag vintage Salvatore Ferragamo -
Grey heels Vince Camuto
I felt like something was off today. Maybe it was the fact that I forgot to wear a belt and my pants had to be pulled up, it could have also been that the shirt was too big and I had to constantly adjust it, perhaps my hair had more fly aways than I could control.. regardless I was just very happy to get back home and change into something else by the end of the day.  Do you ever have this type of day, where it just seems like nothing you're wearing works ?

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Replace ?

Blue Klein trousers Forever 21 - Green blouse - Burgundy flats French Soles -
Grey bag vintage Salvatore Ferragamo - Brown sunglasses Tommy Hilfiger 
Last week I did several posts on shoes I was getting rid of because of various reasons. Most of you commented how I would need to buy "a replacement". However the more I thought about the idea, the more I realised it was not what I wanted or needed. I just wanted to make space on my shoe shelves for the other shoes I've got boxed up and that I wear even less because I don't see them and therefore forget about :(  
Also, the idea of replacing a pair of grey flats with yet another pair of grey flats sounded boring. But, if I did replace a pair of shoes I'd do it with something totally different, thus allowing me to create new looks... What's your take ? Replace or recycle what's already in the closet ?  

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Two paisley hankies

White skirt Zara - Blue boat neck top Charter Club - Red flats Stradivarius 
Grey circle hand bag vintage Salvatore Ferragamo
A few months ago I picked up several paisley print handkerchieves to wear tied around my neck. I love them, they add color, they are light cotton and have a vintage vibe. Today I thought I'd wear one around my waist as a belt, however either my waist is too big or the handkerchief is too small. Depends how you want to look at it ;) 
So, I figured I'd tie two of them and hide the tiny knot under a wide belt loop in the back and bring them together at the front with a big knot. The idea is quite simple and it makes the look less ordinary don't you think ? 

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Paris souvenir

Black and white printed skirt Zara - DNA black top - Black double Mary Jane Bata - Grey bag vintage Salvatore Ferragamo
During my shoe edits last week I came across a pair of double strap leather Mary Janes that sat in my top shoe shelf, last worn in 2015. While I do not recall the exact year of purchase, I do remember walking the streets of Paris in the midst of a chilly breeze and entering a small shoe shop. As it tends to happen, I tried on every other pair of shoes available while my husband patiently waited. Finally I opted for these comfortable pumps that since then have walked several countries during business trips. While they are in perfectly good shape on the outside and sole is practically new with price tag still on, the inside is another story. When I put them on this morning I was fully convinced it would be its last wear, however I am having second thoughts regardless of the how bad the inside is. Also, I am pretty sure that if I do get rid of them, Mary Janes will be in full trend three seconds after they are gone, as it tends to happen. So, for now, you'll be seeing these around: my souvenir from Paris. 

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In my overalls

MNG Mango jeans - Olive green tshirt - See by Chloe Harriet tote -
Silk on Shoes flats - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole 

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Jeans Levis - Pink button down shirt Chelsey & Jack - Grey heels Vince Camuto -
See by Chloe Harriett tote bag - Purple sunnies from the Dollar Store -
 Pearl and safety pins necklace DIY
If you visit this blog once in a while you know I am constantly editing the closet. I have been doing so and documenting it for years. In 2014 I chose to get rid of a pair of Levi's 1974 Sandybell re-issue, purchased in 2009 as they were too tight. For some inexplicable reason instead of throwing them in a bag and giving them away, they hung in a spare closet. I glanced at them once in a while but never reacted on them, until today. I figured I'd try them on, see if they fit. They kinda did (still tight), since they were flared, flared is back, I thought I'd wear them. I think I'm keeping them. Funny thing is this is the first time ever I've actually kept something I was to give away, its a true survivor, you know I can be pretty ruthless when it comes to edits. Is there a "survivor" in your closet, a garment that is on the edge, yet never makes the cut ? 

A fire..

Jessica, behind the blog Chronically Vintage, also a friend from the blogging community had a terrible fire consume her and her husband's home, all of their belongings and one of their pets. I cannot imagine loosing so much in seconds and in such a terrible way. Sure, we all say that its just material belongings however an event like this is not only life altering but life changing. Jessica and Tony's relatives have set up a Crowdfunding here where you can make donation and a difference, and also show that blogging is so much more than meets the eye. 

All tied up

Dark blue trousers vintage Miss V Valentino - Nude heels Sam Edelman - Striped top Stradivarius
See by Chloe Harriet tote bag 
Tie belt self made - Pearl bracelet Parfois
I love vintage, but vintage pants, not so much. When I came across a Miss V Valentino vintage pant suit I was amazed the trousers fit so well, the blazer I did not care much for. In fact they fit and felt so good that I decided to buy the suit even if I was only going to wear the pants. To my own surprise I wore the pant suit (yesterday) and then changed it up a little for today's post. Just added an obi like tie belt that I made back in 2010 for color and interest. 
If you were wondering that's where the post title came from... all tied up ;) 

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Multiple places..

Striped top Stradivarius - Blue vintage Miss V Valentino suit 
See by Chloe Harriet tote bag - Sam Edelman nude heels
When you have multiple places to go to in one day: dress for the highest level of expectation of that day ;) 
Today started at 5:30 a.m. which is totally unusual for me. The day called for a dark blue vintage Valentino Miss V suit, I feared it might look dated as the blazer is long and the pants wide legged but, after seeing the NYFW runways, I am on trend.  Or so, I think ;) 
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Grey flats..

Striped grey and orange dress Gap - Grey flats Zara - Andy bag Carolina Herrera
Here is to a third day of shoe edits, today's choice is a tough one.
The grey suede shoes from Zara, one of my most worn flats, 54 times since 2014. They were a gift from hubs. Happens during a rainstorm I stepped in a puddle and they stretched, since then whenever I wear them they feel like flip flops and they tend to slip out. Other than that they're in really good shape, I could have probably wore them a lot longer, but I have come to the decision that I need to let go. I'm pretty sure that noisily dragging my feet around does not look good ;) 

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Pink button down shirt Chelsey & Jack - White skirt Zara - Andy bag Carolina Herrera 

As mentioned yesterday, I went through my shoes this weekend. Realised that  many of them had expired. This is one of them: the burgundy Bandolinos, these had already been to the cobbler and the inner part was deplorable. However the outer part was in perfect shape, so I considered keeping them. But, if I ever had to remove the shoes in public I would have died of embarrassment. Then I looked back to how may times they had been worn, just 5 wears (including today) the previous wear was in 2013. Not worth the hassle, the probable embarrassment and the space they take up. Bye Bandolinos. 

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Cherry Blossom

Black satchel JULES Rebecca Minkoff
Cherry Blossom print skirt Jolly Chic - Black sweater - Green heels Lela Rose for Payless 
I've been wanting to wear this cherry blossom skirt with these shoes for a while. However the last couple of weeks I barely wore heels, I just did not feel like it. Going through my shoes this weekend I noticed that some were biting the dust, one of them was this pair of Lela Rose for Payless green high heels. The outer part of the shoe has held up pretty well for being around since 2009, but the inside is another story. So, before letting go of these I finally paired them with the cherry blossom skirt. I loved the pairing so much I almost kept the shoes for another wear, that is until the heel cap fell off. Au revoir, I guess thirteen wears in seven years is not that bad.
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Always buy and never wear

I have several items I continue to gravitate towards when shopping, however some of them get little or just no wear. I noticed this when I saw that the loafer trend was back, I thought to myself "Oh, I'll buy a pair of loafers.." then I stopped to think of the many times I had bought loafers in several colours and styles in the recent past only to wear them once, luckily twice, hating them and then getting rid of them shortly after. 
So, today I thought I'd share with you those items, the one I always buy but never wear and create awareness of this bad habit of mine. 
These are my top 5, and I just realised that most of them are shoes!

Espadrilles: The most comfortable shoe EVER, I've bought several pairs and have given them away unused. However I have held on to one pair that I practically force myself to wear.

Bow shoes: I have several pairs of bow heels, bow flats that remain unworn. The ones that taunt me the most are the most expensive: a pair of Kate Spade Trophy black flats and these Red Valentino blue bow heels which have not been worn even once.

Tall boots: Crazy me. I live in a country where half of the year its summer and the other it rains. Scorching heat most of the time. However I figured tall boots would work for trips. I invested in a black pair of tall buttery black leather boots from Spain and they have been worn less than a handful of times.

Hello Kitty bags: Don't give me an odd look. I fall in love with the bag, buy it and then just let it sit there. I then question my "good" *cough* judgement and think its too childish. It's happened several times, I gave my last HK bag away this year. 

Loafers: The ones that inspired this post.. as said I've bought them with tassels, penny loafers, simple loafers, high heeled loafers. Nope, same story: little or no wear.

So there you have them, my recurring shopping fails, its almost like buying that lettuce every time I go to the grocery store and then never eating it (I do that too!)

Now its your turn, what do you buy but never wear ? 

As I finished writing this post, I went to Zara and bought a pair of velvet loafers...

Burgundy accents

White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren 
Black turtle neck Pierri New York 
Burgundy flats French Soles - Satchel Rebecca Minkoff JULES
The day after I got rid of my burgundy trousers (or so it seems), burgundy returned to being a desired colour of fall. Regardless of it not being fall here, I thought I would get my burgundy fix from accessories. This time around with my 1.00 USD Dollar store sunnies and French Soles flats. 
How are you doing burgundy this season ?