Always buy and never wear

I have several items I continue to gravitate towards when shopping, however some of them get little or just no wear. I noticed this when I saw that the loafer trend was back, I thought to myself "Oh, I'll buy a pair of loafers.." then I stopped to think of the many times I had bought loafers in several colours and styles in the recent past only to wear them once, luckily twice, hating them and then getting rid of them shortly after. 
So, today I thought I'd share with you those items, the one I always buy but never wear and create awareness of this bad habit of mine. 
These are my top 5, and I just realised that most of them are shoes!

Espadrilles: The most comfortable shoe EVER, I've bought several pairs and have given them away unused. However I have held on to one pair that I practically force myself to wear.

Bow shoes: I have several pairs of bow heels, bow flats that remain unworn. The ones that taunt me the most are the most expensive: a pair of Kate Spade Trophy black flats and these Red Valentino blue bow heels which have not been worn even once.

Tall boots: Crazy me. I live in a country where half of the year its summer and the other it rains. Scorching heat most of the time. However I figured tall boots would work for trips. I invested in a black pair of tall buttery black leather boots from Spain and they have been worn less than a handful of times.

Hello Kitty bags: Don't give me an odd look. I fall in love with the bag, buy it and then just let it sit there. I then question my "good" *cough* judgement and think its too childish. It's happened several times, I gave my last HK bag away this year. 

Loafers: The ones that inspired this post.. as said I've bought them with tassels, penny loafers, simple loafers, high heeled loafers. Nope, same story: little or no wear.

So there you have them, my recurring shopping fails, its almost like buying that lettuce every time I go to the grocery store and then never eating it (I do that too!)

Now its your turn, what do you buy but never wear ? 

As I finished writing this post, I went to Zara and bought a pair of velvet loafers...


Miss LovelyAttitude said...

haha i know this :D sometimes I buy stuff which is just cute and I never wear it :D

Closet Fashionista said...

Haha yea, I know what you mean! I'm still constantly buying blazers even though I don't wear them as much anymore. I just can't help it, I LOVE them! Ha ha! Although I am trying to wear them more often now

Ivana Split said...

I have a few pumps that I rarely wear because the material isn't high quality (they're not made of leather) I don't wear them in spring or summer because it is too hot but I also don't wear them during the winter because they're not suitable for rain or cold weater. When it comes to my leather pumps, I wear them often.

Another thing I regret buying is one shiny dress. I only wore it once since I bought it!

Laura Bambrick said...

It's a good idea to look back at past purchases and evaluate whether they were worth it or not! I should do this with my closet, too!

Kathrine Eldridge said...

Lol! Laughing that you went and got velvet loafers. I saw a pair at Zara that I loved but they didn't fit right. I think the only shoe that I wear to death in fall is booties. I want to get cute flats but never wear them much.
Great post!

Mica T said...

For me it's grey tees! haha! I do wear them, it's just there's a limit to how many you can buy and get enough use out of...most are worn shockingly little.

I'm trying to be a lot more honest with what I buy and will wear and not just buy something because I like it, but because I know it will get a lot of wear. There are things I have so many of though (like the grey tees!) that I hardly ever buy the ones I wear and makes me want to slow down my purchasing!

Hope you're having a great week :)

Away From The Blue Blog

LyddieGal said...

Fancy occasion clothes. Unlike you I have attended 6 weddings total in my life. SIX. And I was a bridesmaid at one of them. Yet I always want to buy pretty dresses and then I never wear them.

Skirts (dresses too) that I deem to be for fall or winter. I like the idea when it's warm, but as soon as it gets to be 60 out I reach for pants 9 times out of 10. I actually just bought another one too...

Brightly colored accessories. I love the idea of a bright pink pair of shoes or a floral handbag, but when I comes to getting dressed I just keep reaching for neutrals.

Kim Alston said...

Mine use to be an array of things! That's why I try and buy OUTFITs now. If I buy a single item, then I can't find anything to pair it with and it just SITS. LOL