October closet edits

Here we go again, another month of closet edits: Blue trousers by Sculpture, were not working anymore, asymmetrical scarf print top from Zara collar stretched and could not be repaired:(. Purple and white polka dot top by Sawary the elastic also stretched but I did not care much for this top.

Burgundy flower and butterfly Bandolino print heels and Lela Rose for Payless green heels were no longer in good shape and they had very little recent wear. 
My grey flats which I loved had stretched as I walked into a puddle of water. Sheila recommended I soak them so maybe they would shrink back (a superb idea) however they did not.

Just 6 items in October.
What was the last item you gave away?


Sheila said...

Oh, the final wearing of the scarf top! Farewell! It was a good item for both of us. :) Too bad about the grey shoes - ah, well, it was worth a shot!

Kim Alston said...

Make way for the new! I'm currently putting together a tote of stuff.

101thingsilove/Johanna said...

The white pants are so chic!

Magdalena Ścierska Minimalissmo said...

When I remember what stuff I toss out in last years I am very veeeryyy angry :) Therefore today, when I am blogger, I afraid to rid anything. It is terrible for me, because I dont like to have a lot of clothes, it is irritate me.