August Closet Edits

Out this month: 
Brown butterfly t shirt Da Moda, shapeless by now, White satin
blouse Da Moda, Black and white square top Nicola (sold at the
flea market for 3.00 USD).

A black pair of H&M trousers, purchased in 2012,
for 14.95 USD, worn at least 35 times. They were 
evidently worn out.
Brown Kenneth Cole Reaction wedges, date from 
November 2014, purchased for 28.00 USD, 
had a total 27 wears. Black patent flats Viascar, 
purchased mid 2015 for 10.58 USD, fell apart 
after 17 wears. 
A few items from the accessories drawer:
Black and white plastic necklace, set of gold toned
bangles and a set of purple mother of pearl bracelets.

9 items.

New in August

August was under control, until I took 
a trip to a family wedding in Peru.
A silver cuff with balls, 42.00 USD. 
The earrings were a gift from my aunt.
Hand embroidered belt for 10.00 USD, hand made 
embroidered clutch 11.00 USD and 2.00 USD for a dark 
blue and white bead string that can be worn various ways.

Two Life is Good t shirts: blue and grey for 7.00 USD each.
Two Theory t shirts (super sale): black & white for 7.00 USD each.

Shoe make over: Vera Wang Lavender flats
I adore so much, had them resoled for 20.00 USD
Dress perfection: Red Valentino orange dress was 
tailored to fit as if it had been made for me: 20.00 USD

An August total of 133.00 USD

Plastic Lately

Through the years our tastes change,
there are very few things we stick to.
In my case I have an ongoing struggle
with plastic accessories, like this necklace.
Polka dot trousers Worthington
Silk tank top vintage - Grey vest Valette 
Grey flats Zara

I've come to the conclusion that wearing plastic
does not add much to my outfits. So, off it goes.

Tube top + blazer

I've had this tube top for ages.
Worn maybe 4 times in over 6 years.
Jeans Liz Claiborne - Black striped tube top Charlotte Russe
Black blazer Theory - Grey heels Vince Camuto
I figured I'd give it one more try, this time
styled under a jacket for work, served as a
reminder that anything that requires a strapless bra 
should always be reconsidered before entering the closet.
Some things are not worth the hassle.

Vintage Oriental

Flashback to April 2014 in a dream-come-true 
vintage store in Buenos Aires... there she was:
A light pink silk Chinese button up blouse.
I fell in love the moment I saw her. 
Took her home, wore it once and that 
was it. Happens that as much as I 
loved her, she was not easy to wear.
White trousers Red Valentino - Grey heels Vince Camuto
So I tried again and again.
Jean skirt Zara - Brown wedges Kenneth Cole Reaction 
Only to realise that if I must force myself 
to wear it, well, its just not working.

One pair, three ways

These printed MNG trousers date back to 2012 and
had not been worn in a while. However lately they've
been my go to comfy pair of trousers, because, well, 
nothing else seems to fit ;) 
Here is one Mango pair worn three ways.
Blue boatneck tshirt Charter Club - Orange bag Lanvin -
Black flats Vera Wang Lavender
Green seersucker blazer George - Gold flats Viascar
Chambray off the shoulder top Hot Delicious -
Grey flats Zara
Which do you prefer ?
Blue, seersucker or chambray ?

Packing with purpose

Packing for traveling is a process and a learning experience. 
Where you are going, how many days, what you will be doing.
The weather, how big can the suitcase you take be..
The dreadful idea of overpacking or even worst:
not taking with you what you need.
Jeans Zara - Black sweater Benetton - Rodier vintage scarf - Lanvin orange bag
I have to say that I'm getting good at it. Using up about 98% of all packed
for this last trip, I've learned to pack with a purpose.

Have to admit one of my goals when packing is to
 never be that shabby
 underdressed tourist, yet some days I was...

End of bright

The days of bright backgrounds, never ending breakfasts, 
market walks, fresh air and majestic mountains have come to an end. 
Jeans Zara - Nude sweater Benetton - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Hermès Scarf - Prada Baroque Sunglasses
What better way to end it than with a late evening brunch and bright talk ? 

The wedding

Gunmetal dress Betsy & Adam - Silver envelope clutch H&M
I've been in Pisaq, Peru for a few days for a family wedding.
After many fun days, several dinner parties, 
 the real deal happened: the wedding.
The weather was marvellous, the setting spectacular, 
most important the bride and groom were glowing..
and the party was a real treat.

Walking Pisaq

Jeans Zara - Black sweater Benetton - Black patent flats Viascar - Brown tote bag Coach - Prada Baroque sunglasses
Walking the small passages in Pisaq made me remember that 
not all who wander are lost.

Back and forth

This V neck sweater has been worn 
throughout my trip as a layering piece.
Polka dot Maxi skirt - Black sweater Benetton
Today its being worn backwards for 
a more formal look.
Black patent vintage handbag - Pearl Chanel Brooch
Because its not about going backwards
or forward, its just about what works for you.

Pointing out mistakes

I'm the first one to point out mistakes. With that being said, 
its the reason I had second thoughts on posting what I wore today, 
because where I had gone wrong was so evident that I did not want 
it pointed out. I am the first to see what I could have done better after I
 have already worn and photographed an outfit. Of course, afterwards. 
Jeans Zara - Green tshirt - Black sweater Benetton - Black pantent flats Viascar -
Brown tote bag Coach - Black sunglasses Prada Baroque 
Because its usually later than sooner that you can see where you have gone wrong.  
The bandana had to go. So did my beaded tie. 

Oh and if I had not posted this, I would not be keeping it real and in 
such a curated social world I still need and look for real. 

A Henna Party

I'm in Peru for a family wedding and one of the many 
events taking place the days prior to the actual wedding 
is a henna party. I had no idea what a henna party was.
So I did the usual google search and figured what to wear.
At first I had second thoughts on my attire and even took a 
LBD as a back up plan, but happens I fit right in.
Vintage cream and god handbag - Gold flats Viascar - Vintage gold ring 
Oh and the henna party.. it was full of meaning, bright and fun. 

Have you ever attended a henna party ?
What did you wear ? 

So bright

Jeans Zara - Blue boatneck tshirt Charter Club- Gold flats Viascar - Brown tote bag Coach 

It's so bright, it makes you want to smile !

Colonial Hacienda

Little did I know I've actually been staying in a colonial hacienda dating 
four hundred years back - church included. The place is blooming with color,
well kept, the mountain views are amazing and the weather is like having the 
a/c on in your favourite setting. 
Jean shirt Tommy Hilfiger - Nude sweater Benetton - Black trousers H&M - Black patent flats Viascar - Orange bag Lanvin 
Last I recall and was aware of, the oldest place (creepy if I may add)
 I had stayed in was in a Monastery in Antigua, Guatemala. I did not sleep.
I kept hearing stuff at night, not recommended. 
What's the creepiest place you've spent the night in ? 

A different backdrop

As you may have noticed the last few posts have different backdrops.
Different to my usual colourless wall. There is nature, there is color.
Jeans Zara - Jean button down shirt Tommy Hilfiger - Vintage Rodier scarf
Black patent flats Viascar - Brown tote bag Coach

I'm in Peru for a family wedding and the mountainside, the beauty of my 
surroundings cannot be ignored..