August Closet Edits

Out this month: 
Brown butterfly t shirt Da Moda, shapeless by now, White satin
blouse Da Moda, Black and white square top Nicola (sold at the
flea market for 3.00 USD).

A black pair of H&M trousers, purchased in 2012,
for 14.95 USD, worn at least 35 times. They were 
evidently worn out.
Brown Kenneth Cole Reaction wedges, date from 
November 2014, purchased for 28.00 USD, 
had a total 27 wears. Black patent flats Viascar, 
purchased mid 2015 for 10.58 USD, fell apart 
after 17 wears. 
A few items from the accessories drawer:
Black and white plastic necklace, set of gold toned
bangles and a set of purple mother of pearl bracelets.

9 items.


Porcelina said...

I love having a clear out, I have two huge bags on the way out! X

Jessica Cangiano said...

Excellent work on your edits. I brought four big bags (of mine + Tony's items) to the local thrift shop in late August. Summer always seems to really amp up my wardrobe (and household goods, too) editing - perhaps subconsciously I'm trying to make way potential new F/W finds or maybe (more likely) I just want slightly more space come the nesting months.

xoxo ♥ Jessica