When it seems that it will be the last weekend of summer ...

Mint shorts Gap - White tshirt - Starfish flip flops - Straw bag
You've gotta hit the beach.

April Additions

Bug pins, both for 4.25 USD.
Ceramic lighthouse pin 3.20 USD
Mexican handmade colourful straw necklace 3.00 USD
Embroidered Mexican dress 23.00 USD plus 9.00 USD alterations 
 Kate Spade belt 21.60 USD and 
black patent wide belt Nine West 3.25 USD
Brown Coach monogram flats 64.80USD 
Black Me too flats 27.00 USD
Grey Valette long vest 13.90 USD
148.15 USD

Closet editions

The edits continue...

Forever 21 black and white lady cardigan, 
a silk lavender top Oscar De La Renta.
Red Tommy Hilfiger tshirt and black vintage like dress jumper.
Finally a colorful beaded bracelet.

Just five items.

Guilty browser

Sometimes I don't even want to look at
what's trending.
Jeans Gap - White tank top - White blazer Monteau 
My inbox is filled with sales alerts, discounts.
Virtual shopping carts to which items are 
 constantly being added... 
Andy bag Carolina Herrera - Sunglasses Tommy Hilfiger - Innovativi wedges

In the meantime, at home, a packed closet 

 followed by yet another overflowing closet 
in the room next door.
Zipper flower pin
I feel guilty just by looking,
because I know I don't need anything..

Sweater dress

You may recall this dress from a while back.
It was one of the pieces 3.1 Philip Lim designed 
for his collaboration with Target in 2013. 
Wore it today and chuckled a bit when I saw how 
very long it was on me compared to the model.
For me, it hit a little below mid calf, almost long 
enough to make it a formal dress.
Grey sweater dress 3.1 Philip Lim for Target - Flats 
So, I added a slip, rolled it up and
had the sweater sit at the hip.
Took it to work with a large handbag (above) then
to a family dinner with a small vintage one (below).
Necklace Entre Nudos - French vintage bag 
Got me through the day and night,
although I have to admit there was 
some tugging involved..

Scarf repeat

Jeans Liz Claiborne - Green blouse LuckyCom - Andy bag Carolina Herrera 

Brown wedges Nine West - Brown sunglasses Michael Kors

Flower print scarf

Picked up this scarf at least ten years ago.
Striped dress Gap - Grey flats Zara -Andy bag Carolina Herrera
As much as I love scarves in all possible sizes 
its always difficult for me to style them correctly.
They usually look and feel frumpy and I can
 never get that knot the way I want it to.
But today, meh...
It got me through the day.

Today I'm linking up to The Mix !

Monday already

Jeans Zara - Black blazer Theory - Snake print blouse New York
Black patent flats Viascar - Andy bag Carolina Herrera 

Off to the Market

White shorts Larry Levine - Light blue gingham button down JC Penney 
Silver flats Zara - Blue cross body bag Zara

Walk in the Woods

Black Jumper O-Rogan for Target  

Easy way

Jeans Zara - Scarf print top  Feline USA - Silver flats Zara 
Andy bag Carolina Herrera - Brown sunglasses Tommy Hilfiger

Red blouse

Jeans NJDJ - Red blouse Forever 21 - Innovativi wedges - Carolina Herrera bag

Ban Breaker

A few years ago I did a shopping ban.
It was set out to last for a year, however 
at 6 months I succumbed.
Black bag Tous - Cardigan DKNY Pure
The garment responsible for this was a 
DKNY Pure convertible cardigan which I am
wearing today.
Black leggings Bershka - Black tank top - Black patent flats Viascar

I've been trying to get more wear out of it lately
however I feel it lack of  structure makes me look

Disheveled is the last thing I need.

The Hanger Ilusion

Its that outfit. You look at it on the hanger.
Jeans NJDJ - Light blue and white gingham button down shirt JC Penney -
Grey top Zara - Grey heels Vince Camuto - Bag Carolina Herrera 
It looks perfect.
You try it on and dayum, it was all an illusion.
That sums up my look today. 

The Ikea feeling

I don't know about you. But every.single.time. I walk into IKEA
I get the same feeling: I want to start from scratch at home.
Black leggings Bershka - White shirt Calvin Klein - Black patent flats Viascar
Meaning I want to replace all the furniture, 
sheets, kitchen utensils, lamps.. all.
I've been having that same "Ikea feeling" with my closet.
Bag Carolina Herrera
I cannot find what to wear, don't like what I have.
 I am questioning everything which is making my 
process of chosing what to wear really tedious. 

Take 2

This is take 2 on the ruffled one shoulder top.
Jeans Liz Claiborne - Powder blue one shoulder top Carven - Innovativi wedges -
  White cardigan H&M - Bag Carolina Herrera
Its making me wonder on all its possibilities..


I've always loved ruffles  - almost as much as I love bows.
Well, maybe not that much.
Image via In Style magazine March 2013
While looking through an old magazine I was inspired and
 I thought I'd look for a ruffled garment in my closet. 
White shorts Larry Levine - Silver flats Zara - Bag Carolina Herrera 
Found this powder blue one shoulder 
top by Carven. 
White sunglasses Kate Spade - Silver tone chain belt 
It's been in the closet for at least 13 years.
Last seen here, it has not been worn in the last 5.
Its super soft lightweight cotton, a nice colour ..
However, the moment I tried it on I knew what kept 
me from wearing it: I had to wear a strapless 
which it's not so comfortable, which takes me to the 
next question: keep or toss.